National Corvette Museum Update 3/4/2014



March 4, 2014 Update from Museum Executive Director Wendell Strode

March 4, 2014 at 8:15am

Today the construction and engineering team extracts the 1962. After that there will be additional work done to stabilize the red spire, the walls of the sinkhole and the area immediately around the walls. This will take approximately 3 weeks.


After this has been completed, the construction firm employees will begin removing the dirt, concrete, rebar, Stinger lift, safety barriers and everything else until the remaining 5 cars have been extracted. The timeline for this is approximately an additional 3 weeks.


Thanks for your patience during Operation Corvette +!

Corvettes pulled from sinkhole at National Corvette Museum in Kentucky

Two classic Corvettes re-emerged Monday from a giant sinkhole that gobbled up those and six other prized vehicles still trapped beneath the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky. Workers in a cage painstakingly hooked straps around the cars before a 
Chevrolet Corvette

build the V8 engine, then took delivery of the car at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY, near the Corvette final assembly point

National Corvette Museum Sinkhole – ’62 Vette Rescued!!

The car looks in good shape considering where it’s been hanging out lately!!!


Check out the video:

Video streaming by Ustream


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1962 Vette Rescued!!

1962 Vette Rescued!!

1962 vette specs

Update from National Corvette Museum 3/3/2014

Corvette Museum Media Alert
National Corvette Museum Retrieves First Corvette From Sinkhole

2009 “Blue Devil” ZR1 Emerges Nearly Unscathed

ZR-1 is out and started right up!!!

ZR-1 is out and started right up!!!

Crowds of construction personnel, media, Museum visitors and staff cheered as the first Corvette, the 2009 “Blue Devil” ZR1 emerged from the depths of the sinkhole this morning at approximately 10:35am CT. The process was streamed live on two of the Museum’s web cams with thousands of viewers tuning in all over the world.

“It’s wonderful… just seven more to go,” said Mike Murphy, construction manager for the project.

Even more cheers erupted when the car cranked up after only a few tries, and even drove about 20 feet to the doorway of the Skydome.

“That’s a GM product for you. They take a licking and keep on ticking!” added Murphy.

The crews have been working six days a week since the sinkhole incident that swallowed eight Corvettes in the National Corvette Museum’s Skydome exhibit area. This past Saturday, the crews rigged up the ZR1 and did a few test lifts. John Spencer, Manufacturing Integration Manager at the GM Corvette Assembly Plant, helped consult the team on the best points to strap up the car. “With Mike, worker safety is number one. There are no compromises,” said Spencer.

“I was worried about the wheels,” said Murphy. “This morning we took so long because we wanted to add some secondary straps in case the wheels pulled. It was just a little more insurance.”

Murphy added that with this project, nothing is set in stone on how to do it. “It’s been a huge relief. It went better than expected,” he said.

After the elation of the first car being rescued and even cranking up, the Museum staff were excited to put the car back on display in the Museum’s Exhibit Hall. “It’s incredible to have the car back on display again. It’s what we’ve been hoping for,” said Bob Hellmann, Facilities and Displays Manager. “Now we just want to get the next seven, restore the cars, and get them all back on display.”

The Museum plans on displaying the cars as they are recovered, now through August 3. In addition, this Spring they plan to create a special display with information on the sinkhole incident, sinkholes and karst background details, videos, photos and more.

After taking a lunch break, the crew will resume the car retrieval process – with the 1993 “Ruby Red” 40th Anniversary Corvette slated for recovery Monday afternoon. The 1962 Black Corvette is planned to be retrieved on Tuesday, but will be much trickier as a five ton slab of concrete is partially resting on the front of the car. Two cranes will be used to simultaneously lift the car and the concrete.

Links to photos, videos and press releases are available on the Museum’s website at For the latest updates visit the Museum’s Facebook Fan page at


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RT @corvettemuseum: The first #corvette being lifted out of the #sinkhole – 2009 ZR1 Blue Devil.

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The Bridgestone Project – Prequel I

Thought I toss out some details on the Dual Twin Bridgestone 175 that I am about to begin the restoration.

Bridgestone was a Japanese tire maker and desired to move in to manufacturing first bicycles and then motorcycles after World War II to compensate for the sagging tire market. So in 1946 Soichiro Ishibashi began production of bicycles and then looked to motorized them.  So they partnered up with Fuji Seimitsu Kogyo (is now Fuji Precision Engineering Co., a subsidiary of Nissan) to produce clip on motors for bicycles. By the mid 1950’s they were developing and producing motorcycles and eventually separated from Fuji Seimitsu Kogyo and moving to their own plant. Bridgestone even had a racing department which, in part led to their development of the Dual Twin.

The 175 Dual Twin did well in racing and on the street, as did the other Bridgestone models.  This lead to the exports to the U.K., other Asian countries and eventually to the U.S.  by Rockford Motors in Rockford Illinois.


So what is the 175 Dual Twin?

It was the first motorcycle equipped with a dual rotary disc valves for fuel induction.  It had (has) aluminum alloy cylinders, kick-start; dual transmission 4-speed rotary shift gear allowing the bike to be shifted to to a 5-speed gear while running or when stationary with the “sport shift lever’, large brakes hubs and totally enclosed carburetor for protection against water and dirt.  It has a max speed of 80 miles per hours and can get to a ¼ mile from a standing start in 18 seconds (this is without the racing tune…oh yes…they were race-able!!).

So let me stop right here for a minute.  I had no idea what a rotary valve was, ok let me be very honest I’ve never worked on a motorcycle before, lawn mowers – yes, motorcycles – nope.  I have worked on bicycles and car engines, so how hard can it be?   (Famous last words, usually spoken very early in the planning stages of such projects.)

So what is a rotary valve?  It is where the intake opening is controlled by the spinning of a disc that has cutouts that allow air/fuel mixture in and then closes the opening. The discs attach to the crankshaft.  The crankshaft disc is a close-clearance fit in the crankcase and there is a cutout which lines up with an inlet passage in the crankcase wall at the proper time.  Here are a couple of images:


Intake Valve Disc

Intake Valve Disc

This a dual disc valve set up (a newer Suzuki Rg500 engine)

This a dual disc valve set up (a newer Suzuki Rg500 engine)


I have more coming up on the Bridgestone Project so stay tuned.

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NOS Bridgestone Motorcycle 175 200 Ignition 12 Volt Coil Pack …

NOS Bridgestone Motorcycle 175 200 Ignition 12 Volt Coil Pack. Loading… d. h. m. s. day. hour. hours. FREE shipping. See item description. Calculate. Approximately: (Enter ##1## or more). (Enter more than ##1##). Your max bid: You’ve 
1969 Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler road test | Vintage Road …

As printed in Motorcycle Sport, 1969. 1969 Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler road test 1 · 1969 Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler road test 2 · 1969 Bridgestone 175 Hurricane Scrambler road test 3 

Details of McLaren 650S supercar emerge ahead of Geneva

Details of McLaren 650S supercar emerge ahead of Geneva.

“The 650S receives a tweaked twin-turbocharged V8 similar to the 12C, but develops 641 hp versus the latter’s 616 hp.”

Oh only 616 HP in the 12C…..darn it!!!!!  🙂

This is the 650.  Nice looking car.  I've never been a fan of Lambo Doors.

This is the 650. Nice looking car. I’ve never been a fan of Lambo Doors.

mclaren 650


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McLaren 650S Spider desvelado en render – Motor y Racing vía @motoryracing

This is the McLaren 650S

It’s been teased, it’s been partially leaked, but here it is in all its glory: the McLaren 650S. Here’s what you need to know. The 650S is not the long-rumoured ‘baby McLaren’, the car codenamed ‘P13’ set to do battle with the Porsche 911, but rather

mclaren 650mclaren 650

Factory Fast: Dave Bridgewater’s 2012 COPO Camaro – LSXTV

Though Dave Bridgewater already had three big block 1969 Camaros and an LS1 Swapped 1969 Firebird that he and his team maintain and race regularly at drag racing events around the country, he still wanted something more to add to his already awesome collection. That something more would most certainly be a Camaro of some sort, being that Bridgewater seems to have an undying love for the pony cars.

When the factory drag race COPO Camaro was first announced, “I signed up for it right away,” Bridgewater recalls. “But I got a call later on letting me know that they were all sold out.” After seeing videos on the internet of Dave Connelly testing the Cagnazzi COPO Camaro, he knew he needed to have one in his stable. With all of them being spoken for already, Bridgewater wasn’t going to let that get in the way of him owning a 2012 COPO Camaro.

See more:

Factory Fast: Dave Bridgewater’s 2012 COPO Camaro – LSXTV.


COPO Camaro


This is what makes the COPO GO!!!


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First 2014 Camaro Z/28 and COPO Camaro Bring Over $1.3 Million At Auction

Two of the most enthralling auctions witnessed at the recent Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale, Arizona were those of the very first 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 and COPO Camaro. Tgether, they brought in over $1.3 million, and the best part is that all
Veterans Charity Raises $700000 from 2014 COPO Camaro at Barrett-Jackson

To refresh you on the origins and hardware on the COPO Camaro, the original COPO Camaro originated with the Pennsylvania dealer Yekno Chevrolet, founded and owned by Don Yenko. In order to have a unique product not available at other dealers, 

copo camarocopo camaro


National Corvette Museum Sink Hole- Restore the Vetts?

Keeping the proper prospective, (no humans were harmed) but it’s a shame to lose those beautiful one of a kind, historic cars.

So what’s next?

Apparently they believe the rest of the National Corvette Museum building it’s self is sound as is the rest of the grounds under the 184-acre Motorsports Park, which is opening in August.

But what should happened to the cars?

Should they be restored?

Should they stay as they are and preserved?

Let me know what you think.


Give me some feedback and I’ll send it on the Museum folks.

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1 and Half Millionth Corvette

1 and Half Millionth Corvette



National Corvette Museum Sink Hole – Drone Camera Inside the Hole.

Well, I almost didn’t want to see this.


The Blue Devil might be fine.  The others….yikes.



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Aaron Robinson: So Long, Convertibles – Column – Car and Driver

Aaron Robinson: So Long, Convertibles – Column – Car and Driver.

Thought I’d share this article from Car and Driver.

My first car was a convertible – 1966 Impala. It was given to me in 1976 when I graduated high school.  I lived in upstate New York and being young I could squeeze out a good 5 months of top down.   But speeds were slower then and gas was cheap so cruising wasn’t half your paycheck and you could still hear the stereo.  But when it got down to the middle up winter in the Adirondacks, nothing stopped the code from getting in and you sure could tell how light the car was when you had to drive on snow and ice.

My next convertible was my 1984 Corvette, of course wasn’t really a rag top but a targa top, which is a perfect alternative to a folding cloth top and much better than a mere sun roof.  But I know live a weather environment 180o from where I had my first convertible.  Here in southern Arizona you can maybe squeeze out 5 months where it’s great to run with the roof off without melting like a carton of gelato in a microwave oven or freezing your assets off when it 29 – Yeah it gets that could here!  However, depending on how sensitive to hot and cold you are and whether you mind lifting the lifting the top out of the rear cargo area you in the summer time often start out the morning with the top in the back and pop it on when the temp climbs past your liking.  EXTRA BONUS – it keeps the cool air in 90% better than the cloth top.  I enjoy by C6 topless.

Oh, as a side note the C4 top was a pain to remove – the C6 much easier to remove and replace!!!

You might know this car.  Yup my c6.  Only Corvette to show up.


Rag Top '66 Impala

Rag Top ’66 Impala


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