68 Road Runner Gets it’s Beep Beep back!!

While trying to warn a real life coyote of his ‘rapid’ approach, Bill’s 1968 Road Runner (#ProjectBeepBeep) failed to  issue the famous BeepBeep, or was that just part the car’s instinctive DNA based response to coyotes in general?

Either way Bill tackles the problem.

Here’s a shot of the horn.


More coming up on #ProjectBeepBeep and #ProjectSportsRoof.

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While going over his car with magnifying glass Bill found a crack in one of the inner fender well brace.  Over time this can cause issues.  Here’s how the fix went.

Ok, so often when you are working on a project it, recording it has to take a back seat so it doesn’t slow progress and in this case doesn’t take up extra time when a friend is lending a hand.

After the welding there was a little bit of heat damage that needed to be tended too.  Check out the wrap up of this project:



Thanks for following along.  There will be more coming up.