Wrenchin’ Tip Restoring emblems 03/18/2010

Many of our cars have worn out emblems that were once painted…Ok..I’m a lucky average guy…the Mustang’s emblems are all chrome and my Corvettes are mostly plastic.  

But what about some those that need painting.  Look for a flow  pencil.  

Flow Pencil for paint your emblems.


These are pretty reasonable and make painting small areas a bit easier.  

Thanks for reading

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2 Responses to Wrenchin’ Tip Restoring emblems 03/18/2010

  1. Marcus Johnson says:

    I have a 1968 nova 4door sedan I in herited from my mother-law brother. Was going to be my project car do to the birth of my daughter and son, I have not have had the time or the money to finish.Please help me finish for my son really want to keep it in the family!

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