Wrenchin’ Tip – Hose Installation 3/31/2010

Often if you get the right size radiator or heater hose it will be a tight fit(eerrrkkk….don’t tighten the clamp first!!!!….just kidding…eeerrrkk) getting it over metal fittings.  You can buy them bigger but you are asking for leaks!!!!   Here are a couple of tips.  One I’ve used and the other I haven’t tried yet.

1.  I live in Arizona, and it’s hot here and normally if you are going to have problems it will be from over  heating in the summer time.  I’ll take the hose and leave it on the concrete driveway for a while in the hot sun.   That often softens it up enough to slip on.

2.  This one I have not tried.  If you have clear wire-pulling  compound, you can rub a light amount around the inside of the hoses and it will slide right on.  Here is a link where you can find some.  http://www.twacomm.com/catalog/dept_id_608.htm

Thanks for reading.

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One Response to Wrenchin’ Tip – Hose Installation 3/31/2010

  1. timsweet says:

    From Chubb Collector Car

    “Tim, thanks for the tip. May we also add that Windex or any non ammonia generic glass cleaner is a great way to slip radiator/heating hoses onto fittings. Best of all,burns off or evaporates very quickly – no residue.. Shines your chrome too! “

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