Wrenchin’ Tip for 10-14-10 Back Cut your Intake Valves

If you are work on your older cars engine, there are a good many tricks that you can use save a couple bucks and gain a little horsepower.

This one is an oldie but a good.

Have your intake valves back cut, you’ll get a similar boost as if you use high lift rocker arms or cam.

The procedure is best done by a qualified machinist.  So while you have your engine apart and laying all around our garage on pieces of cardboard (come…you know that’s what happens!!!) have him take a little off the port side of your intake valves.  This creates the same effect as an earlier opening a later closing action like  just a like a the addition of a an upgrade cam.  The lighter valve means less spring pressure is required to control the valve at higher rmps.

A 30 degree cut is what they do on vortex engines.


The backcut is at the edge of the normal valve cut.


Thanks for reading.


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