Wrenchin’ Tip – Candle Wax Bolt Removal – 03/14/10

Follow the steps and you’ll be able to remove those rusted exhaust bolts and it makes using an easy out on broke bolts…um…well… easier!!!!

1.  Heat the bolt or stud with a torch errrkkk….”Yo…us averaged guys don’t have a torch set!!!!”  Yeah, I know…I use a regular propane torch from ACE Hardware.  ….errkkk  Double nut the studs.

2. Once it hot…doesn’t have to be glowing red, touch a candle to it, until there is wax penetrated between the threads.

3. Remove the bold or apply the easy out and you are home free.

If you have a tip, post it here in a comment.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Wrenchin’ Tip – Candle Wax Bolt Removal – 03/14/10

  1. Nice! I like this one. I have a project in mind for this.

    I’m putting an LT1 in my truck and the exhaust studs are thinning out and need to be replaced. I tried to remove them once already but didn’t want to break them off. They were too tight.

    I’ll try this.

    • timsweet says:

      Let us know how it works for you. If you’d I post of pic of your project. i’m about to launch The Project Car of the Week with the goal of picking the Project Car of the Month for $50.00 auto parts gift card.
      Thanks for the comment.

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