Wrenchin’ Tip – ’70 Mustang Transmission Swap

As I get ready to start the new round of mods for my 1970 Mustang Coupe, I’m reminded of a couple of issues that came up when I was assisting  a fellow Mustang owner doing a trans –  transplant.

The first tip is partially dependent on what stage you are in of  your restoration.

He has already finished most of the interior when the a transmission he wanted to add became affordable, it was a good deal…saving some $$$$.

He had decided to do the swap and add a short shifter.  This of course requires the removal the bezel and the current 3 speed shift lever, which is easily done from inside the car.

Bezel and Boot

In the course of removing those two parts, he found that the opening cut in the new carpet was not going to allow the access necessary.  An attempt to ‘widen’ it was successful but left a bit of a jagged slit.  Additionally, while removing one of the screws it snagged the carpet and pulled a few loops out.  Can you guess what the tip is?   Yeah…remove the carpet and if possible make the swap before you put new carpet in.

One other quick tip is to apply a little silicone spray to the shifter to help slide the boot off..oh…yeah…removing the shift knob before the boot is a good idea…..DON”T ASK!!!!!


Thanks for reading.


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