Where The Heck Have You Been?

That’s a question I’ve gotten on other social media avenues and there is a good answer.

At this age I made a decision to make a career change.  Up at age of 58 and after 20 plus years as information technology guy (last position as Director of IT) I resigned and began the quest to make a move that I’ve always wanted to make.  So, it was back to college for a few courses and heavy-duty studying to pass certification exams – passed on the second attempt.

That’s where I’ve been.  Now I begin my new career as a High School teacher and that kicks off with my first teaching position at a charter school.  Things get rolling mid-July.

Now that will be a busy time but I’m comfortable with having spare time to keep working on my projects.

So, here’s what is coming up:

Bill has finished #ProjectBeepBeep disc brake conversion and we even have a video with it in motion!!!!

#ProjectSportsRoof has been…languishing a bit but I have a new transmission jack and I’ll be back to it in the next week…right now it going to be about 120 degrees, so not idea weather for working on the beast.

More #AutoFactoids coming up and some new stuff I have planned.

Thanks for checking back with us!!!



68 Ply RoadRunner (ProjectBeepBeep) Dash Update – YouTube

May 11, 2017 Bill sent out the circuit board that supplies the power to the all dash components on #ProjectBeepBeep.

Average Guy’s Car Restorations, Mods, and Racing

Bill is getting soooooooooo close to having ProjectBeepBeep on the road again. This update takes a look at the brake actuator rod. The Rod. Bill mentioned 303 …
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2 Responses to Where The Heck Have You Been?

  1. Bill says:

    Congratulations and welcome back! I’ll have more videos soon with some simple fixes like a new antenna for Beep Beep and a basic tune up!

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