When You Just have to have that Classic/Muscle Car?…Think Small!!!!

I should throw “collecting” in the title of this blog, because, although it’s about 2.5 months old, I have mentioned collecting a bunch of times.  But really that is part of hobby as well.

Of course if I were to list all the cars I’d love collect, it would be fairly long and in reality (my reality) unaffordable..unless you are Jay Leno… I hate that guy.  Ok..I don’t hate him…not really..the green-eyed monster made me say that.

Since I’m not as funny as Jay and I have to work for a living….what?…..ok..ok….I’m sure Jay works very hard…I guess…it’s tough reading funny newpaper clips….ok…Sorry Jay, I have “substituted” this alternative method of obtaining the cars I’d love to own.

You all figured it out yet?  I’m talking about models, scale diecast replicas.  There is an entire industry out there that produces, imports and markets these items.  Some of them are extremely well done.

Here are some shots of my collection.  I’m concentrating on the Mustangs and Corvettes in the sizes  1/18 or 1/24 scale.

These are a few of Mustangs

The Mustangs

And these are a few of the Corvettes.

The Corvettes

A Few of the Vettes


Most of these are Danbury Mint  and GMP pieces, I do like what they produce, lots of details and they are affordable (around $100.00 each).

Here is a few shots of the 1967 GT 350.


GMP 1967 GT350 Interior


Ford GT350

GMP Mustang GT350 Engine compartment


The Franklin mint produces cars, Greenleaf, Motormint, just to name a few.

It’s fun and affordable and they do increase in value.  It’s gotten so popular that even the mainstream car magazines like Hemmings (they normally have at least one article in every Motor News edition), Mustang Monthly and Corvette magazine have articles that discuss this portion of the hobby and even rate the quality of individual brands and their offerings.

If you collect already or want to get started drop a comment to this post. Toss in some pic as well.

Thanks for reading.



diecast model cars

Tributes for Feb. 5

They attended Greeley Wesleyan Church. Garen collected all types of diecast model cars and loved to show his collection to all who visited their home. Above all was his love of his family, especially his grandchildren. Garen is survived by his wife

New Porsche Diecast Model Cars http://t.co/Wq8GKxLBFR

New Porsche Diecast Model Cars http://t.co/mGEMd4Y3Kc
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  1. Cecil Anderson says:

    You have a great collection. Think of all the Service Petrol Oil and Insurance money you have saved and are still enyoying it, go for it. Andy

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