Cars – Restore, Mod, Race

What’s this blog going to be?

Well I’m hoping that it will be a place where car guys and girls come to read what the average car “person” goes through when they have either limited skills and/or resources, but still love to restore, modify and/or race their cars.  I’ll talk about what I’ve gone through and (with two cars in the process of being modified) what still have ahead of me.  Hopefully there will be some thoughts and solutions to what you might run into, or you might have a solution for one of these issues/hurdles.  If nothing else, some will say…”yup..I feel your pain.”

Stay tuned for the start of something  I think it will be fun to read and hopefully informative as well.

Be back later with a little of my background and I’ll introduce you to my cars and some members of my family. (yeah..they play a role!!!!)

Thanks for reading.


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