Up and Coming Projects – Mustang’s Dash and Corvette’s Intake.

I plan on getting back to the pieces on drag racing, as I have a couple more parts to post.  However, I have two projects coming that I thought give you all a heads up on.   

The first is a new dash for the Mustang.  Dashboards were  never made to last, even back in the 70’s.  They sure as ‘heck’ don’t last here in the Arizona sun.  It doesn’t matter what that the dash is made up of, the heat will eventually mar it or destroy it all together.  Painted metal with fade, at the least, if not peel off.  Plastic will crack and the vinyl composite like the original dash in my Mustang will crack and curl up. 

Take a look: 

This the Dash with the custom cover.


Now it’s going to get ugly.  Beware, send the children from the room and hide pets.  Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for malfunctions of pacemakers, prosthetic limbs or dental work fall out of your head when you gasps at the next few pictures. Don’t view if you are in your lasts trimester or if you spouse in her last trimester.  Side effects are severe headaches, nose bleeds, loss of voice and black-outs have been report but rarely occur.  (Law school – money well spent!!) 

Split dash on speaker cover.


Grand Canyon


Son of Grand Canyon


Tough to see here but the corners are curled up.


HAD ENOUGH?!?!?!!?  Yeah…I thought so. 

So I order a dash sometime ago and I’m ready to get it put on. …..eeeerrrrkkk….don’t get a cap (dash cap), they are the worst!!!  They almost never fit right and they are normal waving and the glue doesn’t hold…especially here in the big AZ.  I tried one on my ’74 Torino (I loved that car…I’ll tell that story another time…someone remind me!!!!) and it did all of those things plus it looked cheap.   If you can buy the orignal equipment, NOS (New Old Stock) do it.  Of course you can for Mustang’s and other popular cars and keep mind some fit other models of the same make.  If you can’t get NOS then look for the advertisements where they are using the original tooling (molds etc.).  Those are the best….  end of eeerrkkkk…  While I’ve got the dash apart I’ll redo any wiring necessary and place all the bulbs.  I might even replace the original speak which isn’t hooked up to the new stereo.  And I’ll do some cleaning as well. 

All this I will film with digital pics and digital movie clips and post them up.  Every one can follow along.  And if you are in area you can swing by and see the progress. 

The second project I’ll be doing with a few professionals at Dynamic Crossfire Solutions.  Met these guys through the Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts club (ACE).  …eeerrrrk…..For an average guy with average skills, car clubs are a great resources…end of errrkkk…  These guys, Tom and Jim have developed a new intake manifold for the lowly crossfire engines.  I’ll talk more about that in the another post, but for a fair price, I having the newly developed (first of its kind) intake manifold for my 84.  The Corvette will get a new fuel pump and the injectors will be modified to allow manual adjustments and a fuel pressure gauge will be added to help refine the flow.  Why???…more HPs car peeps, up to 50 more for, what is really, just a bolt.  Tom and Jim are going to let me turn the wrenches and I’ll be filming that was well and will share it here. 

I have a new contest coming up (looking at $50.00 gift card) and some tips that might help with the project you are working on. 

Thanks for reading. 


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2 Responses to Up and Coming Projects – Mustang’s Dash and Corvette’s Intake.

  1. Steve says:

    That’s nothing You should have seen mine. When touched parts fell off. Ha Ha. I did a repair myself but it did not last. It recracked. It really needs a new vinyl overlay on the understructure.

    • timsweet says:

      My Torino was in really bad shape..maybe it’s a ford thing. I did put what they call a “cap” on it and as I said in the post, it didn’t fit well and I couldn’t get the waves out and a few months later the adhesive began coming up. Thanks for the comment Steve.

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