Unrestored Originals? Survivors? Most (Almost) Original Cars

This ties in very well with the discussion of  restoration or restromods…almost.  I reading one of Hemmings Classic Cars mags (March 2010)…..erk…how the heck can it be a March 2010 and I got it two weeks ago ..that would be January…never mind.  The theme running through the edition was cars that are unrestored originals, basically cars that are old and haven’t been….well … restored.

First the main kick-off article (that’s one that explains the “theme” of the issue) was written by one of my favorite Hemming’s editors, Rich Lentinello- hopefully he won’t mind me call him Rich. He touches on the idea of preservation and not restoration.  A repeated phrase used in the other articles is “it’s only original once” and of course you can’t argue with that. (Oh..that is also the name of Rich’s book…I haven’t picked it up yet, but I intent do.)

As I read the articles covering 1932 Ford, 1937 Packard, 1971 Cuda, 1930 Oakland, 1948 Chrysler, ’60 Corvette (needs paint…really), ’67 Eldorado and a few more, I enjoyed the stories..all car guys love “the story”.  But each car had something changed about it. There was the 1954 Hudson the car had dents repaired, gas tank dropped and boiled(common practice when a car has sat for years), window cylinders replaces and brakes all redone.  The ’60 vette had the engine rebuild and all the upholstery replaced. The fact that the paint is  pealing off makes it more original?  I don’t know.

Now does that hold up against replacing the control arms on the Mustang or the upholstery being redone (using original materials..I might add.)  Restromod? Restored? Original?  How about drivable, race- able (yes the Mustang makes it to the drags at least twice a year) and fun…yup that’s the ticket.

I guess I’m still not comfortable with the “restromod” moniker that guy stuck on my car. (I bet you could tell, could ya?)  More therapy coming up.

Thanks for reading.


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One Response to Unrestored Originals? Survivors? Most (Almost) Original Cars

  1. Steve Sears says:

    Cars need maintenance. Not all repairs can be hidden but some can. I think there are just some things you cannot live with. Mouse turds in the upholstery is one. Sitting on the bare springs is another. If the car has it’s original drive train, paint, upholstery etc. then it’s original. Like that 1932 Ford Roadster in the magazine. Now that’s original. But once you replace the engine or upholstery it’s now not original anymore.

    Your Mustang has been changed since it was built. But that doesn’t make it a resto-mod in my opinion as you used parts that were available in 1970. But, it’s not original. I think that guy that called it a resto-mod doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    A friend of mine did a resto-mod to his 69 Mustang coupe. He took a 5.0 from a Lincoln, rebuilt and stroked to a 347, installed a AOD tranny and painted in a non-available base/clear blue that was not a color choice in 69. Now that was a resto-mod. The car is now in Slovenia in the hands of a car dealer that specializes in American hot rods and classics. Total shame in my opinion. I’m clueless as to why he sold it after two years of work. He only drove it a dozen times or so.

    You are not driving a resto-mod Tim.

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