Today’s Project – The Lexus

Here in Tucson we have a lot of road construction and as is the case with most states in the union, suffering some budget issues, so maintaining our roads is a bit lacking.  Put these two things together and you have a lot of debris lying around the road.

Over the course of the last 3 weeks two incidents have taken a toll on the undercarriage of the CINC_Household’s car….)erk…..CINC is a  military term meaning “Commander in Charge”).  Seems a pieces of metal ended up in the front wheel well and snapped off the clips holding  the plastic lining.  That one had to go to the dealership for repair.  Just last week the CINC couldn’t miss what appeared as a bent hub cap on a highway and this destroyed the plastic covering underneath the engine compartment.

So my task today is to replace that piece along with the sound proofing.

Need to get that done this morning, because apparently, although totally beautiful outside right now, we are in for some nasty weather this afternoon.  I’ll post up some pictures of the work later on.  Yes…I know…not a classic car and not a muscle car..but it’s got 305 hp w/ automatic  slap shifting transmission….it can get out of its own way!!!!   And one day…I’m sneaking it out of the garage and taking to a test-n-tune.

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