Included in my list of mod and upgrades for my 1970 Mustang was some new upholstery.

Now there is always the issue of replacing vinyl with vinyl or replacing it with leather died to the color.  But that’s just not going to happen on this “average” budget.

So I ordered a complete set of TMI from M Detail in Riverside, Ca.  The price was right and although I’m not in a hurry the shipping was quick.

Now I’ve never done upholstery before, so this will be the first time. I’m also no expert in Corinthian vinyl (umm..I’m no Ricardo Montabon…) or Ruffino vinyl (just for the record I’m against harming Corinthains and Ruffinos so I specifically ordered imitation version) but the quality of the stitching and the thickness of the padding was very impressive.

So I’m going on the record as saying that if want to stay on budget and quality is important give TMI Upholstery a try.

I don’t receive compensations for these review, just make comments on what I like.

Thanks for reading.





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5 Responses to TMI 70 MUSTANG SEAT UPHOLSTERY – Review

  1. Bill says:

    Get a ‘hog ring’ plier tool, a blow dryer to soften the cover during forming and stretching, and some Armor All for wetting/lube and you should be good to go on the seat covers, Tim. You did not mention if you were adding/replacing foam, which makes the job a bit more difficult.

    Hey, when you finish the Mustang could you come over and help me re-cover the LeBaron’s driver seat?

  2. Steve Sears says:

    As the story goes Ricardo Montalban advertised “Corinthian Leather” for the Chrysler Cordoba. In all actuality “Corinthian” is a name that Chrysler made up. There is no leather named Corinthian… The joke was on us.

    On the following video Ricardo talks about getting the Cordoba commercial. Those comments begin at time 20:25 on the video.

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