They Made How Many? 1916 Automotive Production

This round of “They Made How Many” we get some numbers for 1916.

Not very exciting?  Oh I disagree.  The 1916 Buicks had great lines.  Very rounded from the hood to the cowl.

Here is the Buick D-6-44…the lines just flow:

Buick's D-6-44 From

Buick’s D-6-44 From

The told out put for all of the U.S. auto industry for 1916 was 1,525,578 cars and 92,130 trucks.  Some of those were powered by a V12 (Packard, Enger, Haynes, National and Pathfinder and some were powered by a V8 (Abbott, Apperson, Brisco, Cadillac, Cole, Daniels, Holliers, Jackson, King, Monarch, Oakland, Oldsmobile, Peerless, Pilot, Ross, Scripts-Booth, Standard and Stearns-Knight )

I have to share one more car of 1916 that I thought had great lines.  That was the  Jefferys Special Touring model.  The long hood and slightly raised rear really begs to have headers sticking out of the hood!!!!

1916 Jefferys Special Touring

1916 Jefferys Special Touring

So here are the numbers:

Top of the heap was Ford with  734,811 cars; 2nd was Willys-Overland with 140,111; 3rd was Buick with 124,834

The rest looked like this:

Dodge – 71,400

Chevrolet – 70,701

Maxwell – 69,000

Studebaker – 65,536

Saxon – 27,800.

What did a Saxon look like?

Nice looking buggy - 1916 Saxon

Nice looking buggy – 1916 Saxon


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