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For this evenings writing I thought I’d give you a run down on my Mustang.

WARNING:  Caution Chevy owners you are going to hear Ford stuff!!!!  This blogger does have a split personality.. Ford vs. GM. I catch a lot of <insert bad word> from my Corvette club and the same from the Mustang guys.  I’m learning to live with a split persona..”No you’re not!!!”…”Yes I am!!!!”  “HEY guys…not NOW…they’ll notice.”  “Fine!!!!!”….”He started it!!!!”  ENOUGH!!!

Sorry folks, must have missed my medication  this afternoon. Sooooooooooo..oh…yeah…I remember.

I purchased the Mustang about 4 years ago from a family in Glendale, Az., for $6000.00 cash.  They were the original owners and purchased it in Phoenix, Az and handed it down their daughter.  She is the one I purchase it from.  So, I am the 3rd owner.  The car was in pretty good shape but had over 173K miles.  Engine was a 250 straight 6.  No power.  It had dealer installed AC and when you turned that on..forget ’bout it (insert heavy NY accent) you could walk faster.  Ok, not really the 250 was rated at about 155 hp but it had 10:1 (or 9:1) compression and for some odd reason they stuck a single barrel carb on it.  “What?” you say….I say was a Webber. It also sported (and still does) a 3 speed manual transmission mounted on the floor.  The interior was recently re-done and in good shape, except for the dash.  All the gauges worked.  The original radio was replaced with a crappy first generation cd changer (located in the trunk…pretty convenient).

Here is a program note.  When see the word “TIP” you’ll know that this is something you might want to jot down.

I’m going to give you the details for how the Mustang came “configured” when it was ordered.  Later on I’ll give you the list of modifications and if anyone likes (comments…good or bad…are welcome and questions as well) I’ll pass on my web site link and you can see some before and after pictures.

Get ready here comes the first programming note.

TIP:   I love the history of a thing.  Sometimes, to me, the history is more important than the actual value of the object.  As far as cars go documentation will increase the value, sometimes considerably.  So where’s the tip? Ok….just for being patient I’ll give everyone a double dose.  Keep the paperwork!!!! If you are buying a car ask for any and all paper.  Some people keep everything, you’d be surprised.  My Mustang came with a folder full. Anything major done with this car was in the paper work.  There the second dose. Find a registry for the car make and model.  A registry is here someone or some organization contacts owners or is contacted by owners and the list all the details of their particular cars.  The individual or organization often create databases and store all the collected information.  They are a fountain of information for you to use when getting the details, similar to what you’ll see below in a second, for your ride.

TIP:  (No extra charge for 2 tips in a row!!)  Ford lovers check this out.  There is place in El Mirage, AZ called  Marti Auto Works.  They own the rights to the Ford databases and records prior to 1974 (some models up to 1989).  These guys have everything..I mean everything.  Give them the VIN number and they’ll pile on the data (it’s not free but very reasonable).  They are authorized by Ford to reproduce window stickers and Protecto Plates (identification plates that go on the inside door jamb).  I  had them run the number for my ’70 coupe.

Here are some of the details:

The car sold for $2984.20 (ha…2o cents!!!) .  The engine was less than the radio.  TIP:  Insurance companies may only insure your car for the sticker price, that is what my regular insurance company would do.  Get some collector car insurance!!! We’ll cover that together in the near future.

She came  with the  6 cylinder 250 IV 250, vinyl Hi-back bucket seats (Mach I seats), color-keyed carpeting, floor-mounted shift lever, Instrument gages, factory Ford color “white” color code “M”, black sidewall “belted tires” and  AM radio.

(HELP: If any one knows why most people refer to their cars as “she” or “her” drop me a comment.  I’d like to here some suggestions.)

It was ordered and sold from Don Sanderson Ford Inc, 5300 Grand Ave., Box 938, Glendale, AZ.  It was shipped from Dearborn, MI via rail. Come on cool is it to know how it was shipped?)

Kevin Marti will provide you with an “Elite Report” this includes very detailed data.  I’m not kidding..right down to how many were produced exactly like yours.  I won’t type it all here, I can send you the level of detail if you drop me a comment and ask for it.  Here’s an example:  191,522 Mustangs were produced in 1970; 15, 300 had the straight 6 engine; 107 had the same seats.  My car was one of 1,146 with the same paint and trim codes. It was the 58,634th Ford vehicle scheduled for production at the Dearborn plant. And here is my favorite.  “Your car was actually produced on January 28, 1970 – one day behind schedule.”  Cool?  Way Cool!!!!  Hey, she has a birthday coming up..40 years old!!!!

I think that’s enough for now. Tomorrow – a run down on the Corvette…..”OH YEAH….love GM!!!” …”So the Ford got to go first!”..”That doesn’t mean anything!!!”…”Does too!!!”….”Not!!!”    I’ll take my meds tomorrow!!! Promise!!!!

Thanks for reading


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