Engine Line Up – 1956 Hudson Part III (Packard Engine in a Hudson?)

I need to finish this one up so here are the V8 offerings for the 1956 Hudson.

Interesting enough one was called the Packard Eight and the other was the Hornet Special Eight.

The Hornet Special Eight was a V8 with overhead valves.  It was a cast iron block that displaced 250 cubic inches.  The bore and stroke were 3.50″ x 3.25″ and a compression ratio of  8.0:1 helped produce about 190 hp.  This was topped by a Carter WGD two barrel carb (Model 235S).

The Packard Eight, was it the really a Packard engine?

What I do know is that the Hudson engine was a V8 with overhead valves and cast iron block.  It sported a bore and stroke of 4″ x 3.50 (which means the bore was half an inch larger than the Special and the stroke was quarter of an inch larger.  This upped the compression ratio to 9.5:1 and displacement up to 352 cid.  Topped with a Carter carb WGD two barrel (Model 2231SA it produced 220 hp.

But was it a Packard engine?

It may have been.  In 1955 Packard powered some of its models with what they called the Clipper Custom or the Packard Line V8 (up until that date any Packard 8 cylinder was an L head).  This engine had the same bore and stroke, compression and displacement (352).  It had more horse power but that was more likely attributed to the 4 barrel Carter carbs that were used (models 2232S or 2284S).  Packard also used Rochester Type 4GC four barrel carbs on some of the models.  So I can’t conclude for certain that it was the same engine, but I believe it was.  I’ll see if I can find the answer with more research.

56 Hornet

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