Project BeepBeep – ’68 Road Runner – Drum or Disc – The Decision

1968 Ply Road Runner
Project BeepBeep

Welcome back to #ProjectBeepBeep.  Bill is looking at the brakes and gets some professional assistance to help him make a crucial decision.  You know if you’ve got a lot of GO…you need a lot STOP.

It not an easy decision to alter a car’s originality, especially if it’s not 100% required for safety. So, as Bill has, you need to weight the decision carefully and get some expert opinions.

Here is Bill’s latest video.



I recall when I restored my 70 Dodge Dart – back in 1977, I wasn’t sure what those springs were that were wrapped around the drums – must guys didn’t put them back on.

More great information in this video.  Thanks for sharing it Bill.

Come up next for Project BeepBeep the conversion process gets started.

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