TRION Promises 2,000HP Hypercar to Compete with Big Boys –

American Startup Promises 2,000HP Hypercar to Compete with Big Boys –


As Carbuzz points out the car is aesthetically very McLaren P1-esque when it comes to styling cues. We’d even say that the rendering looks almost like something pulled straight out of a video game. Looks aside, 0-60 is proposed to happen in only 2.8 seconds and Trion claims a top speed of 280 mph. If all goes according to plan, this would top the world’s best in this regard. Just a few months ago, the Hennessey Venom GT set the record at 270mph for a production car.

Trion Nemesis!!!

Trion Nemesis!!!

WOW 2000 HP

WOW 2000 HP


In the article there was a question about ‘what would the consumer would do with 2000 hp”.  I say if you build it, they’ll figure out what to do with it!!

What would you do with 2000 HPs?

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