Engine Line Up – 1956 Hudson Part II

Next up we have Hornet Six and the Hornet Twin-H Six.

The Hornet Six was a cast iron power plant and displaced 308 CID.  Like all the Hudson 6 cylinders this was an in-line L-head.  This had 3 – 13/16 bore and 4.50″ stroke and a compression ratio of 7.5:1 and with a two barrel Carter carb (WDG Model 2252S) it would be the Hornet down the street with 165 hp.

Here a commercial image of the Cater WGD carb.

The Hornet Twin-H Six is basically the same engine, same displacement, bore and stroke, but this was topped with 2 WA-1 Carters (Model 2113S) one barrel carbs.  This set up helped it reached 175 hp.


1956 Hornet

Twin-H 308 CID Straight Six


Thanks for reading.   The V8’s are coming up!!