1973 Mustang – Engine Bay Work

If you look back at #ProjectSportsRoof post you’ll see the condition engine bay.  During those videos I mentioned that I was going to clean it up and hit it with a rattle can.  Again this isn’t going to be a concours restoration, it’s going to look nice and it’s going to get driving and it’s going to sound awesome and yes it will be entered in to local car shows and a trip now and then down the strip!!!

Here is the engine bay work.

Here is the right side?

Right side - Before

Right side – Before


Right side shock tower – painted in Ford Blue


Right Side After

One more After

One more after for the right side


Here is the left side:


Left side after

Left Side After

Left Side After

Left Side Shock Tower

Left Side Shock Tower

Here a quick little video showing the wire work in the engine bay.

I’ve got a a little more work up near the firewall before I’m done.

Still have a little more electrical work to do as well.

Coming up more on the heater box and final components going on the 351C.

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Thanks for checking back in on #ProjectSportsRoof. If you recall there was a lot of damage to the heater box, but rather than purchase a new one I opted to see if …
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73 Mustang Heater Box Part 5 – Clean Up

I know…I know…it’s a bit of let down moving back to the heater box for #ProjectSportsRoof when the beautiful 351 Cleveland that’s going to power the 73 Mustang is sitting in the garage waiting to roar back to life, but the heater box has to get done.

As I showed you in the previous heater box post is was pretty much a mess.  So after accessing the damage and apply epoxy to the broken pieces, I needed to clean it up before applying the fiberglass.  Here’s a little look at that:


I need give a bit of caution here when doing the cleaning.  Take a look at the part numbers on the heater box:


Those number are no longer there.  The Simple Green clean removed them.   I’ll mention again that this is not a concourse restoration, but nonetheless it’s always sad when you change or remove something that original that didn’t need to be.  Yes it’s just the heater box and not something anyone is going to notice, but I know it’s gone as do you and all 17k members of this blog.

Coming up next on AG Car Restoration is fiberglass repair of the heater box and maybe I’ll sneak in sometime on the Cleveland.

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With the heater box for #ProjectSportsRoof out form under the dash, I now have to do the repairs and replace the heater core. Here’s what needs to be done and  …

73 Mustang 351 Cleveland Rebuild – Removal 4 – YouTube

Aug 1, 2016 I’m So close to getting #ProjectSportsRoof engine pulled and starting the tear down.

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Thanks checking back in with the 1973 Mustang (#ProjectSportsRoof). I’m moving right along with getting the progress on the 351C tear down posted up.

73 Mustang 351C is Out – YouTube

Aug 9, 2016 Finally #ProjectSportsRoof gives up it engine. Thanks to my neighbor Dan Thomas for helping me getting this out.

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351C Removal and tear down – YouTube

Jul 19, 2016 Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. This the beginning of rebuild of the 351 Cleveland for the 73 Mustang.



73 Mustang 351 Cleveland Tear Down Video 5 – Oil Pan and Crank First Look

Thanks checking back in with the 1973 Mustang (#ProjectSportsRoof).

I’m moving right along with getting the progress on the 351C tear down posted up.  In this post I’ve pulled the oil pan and we can take a quick look at the crank and mains.

You have to love Ford engineers. Each main is numbered with an arrow…come on…that’s cool!

I was hoping that there would be something obviously out of whack at this point, but everything looked O.K. from what I could see.

Coming up next I’ll unbolt the mains and we’ll look at the bearing, piston and crank.

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Mustang and Me – ’71 Mach I

One of my readers stopped by my Facebook page for Average Guy’s Car Restoration, Mods and Racing and dropped me a note about his 1971 Mustang Mach 1 he is restoring.

He wrote:  “Guys – been lurking here and can’t get enough. I’m restoring a 1971 Mustang Mach 1 which I just made a video of – would be great if everyone could hit “LOVE IT” on the video link: http://bet.votigo.com/fbcontests/showentry/Ford-Contest-1/137096

Here is the video he posted.  Lot of work went into this car.


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1971 ford mustang mach 1


RT @Motor_Roar: #MuscleCarMonday 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 http://t.co/3DDyjrJ8LN
Ford Mustang Mach 1

The Ford Mustang Mach 1 is an performance-oriented option package of the Ford A 1971 Mustang Mach 1 was featured in the James Bond film,

Mustang Goes To Outer Space Kind Of Brothers Performance Warehouse

Mustang Goes To Outer Space Kind OfBrothers Performance Warehouse.

Here is the video!



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mustang 50th birthday

Ford Mustang’s 50th birthday party swings at the World’s Fair site in Queens

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Blaney Talks About New F-150 Race Truck

Blaney Talks About New F-150 Race Truck.


2014 F-150

2014 F-150


Here are some specs:



Race Weight: 3,400 Pounds Chassis:  Steel Tube Frame w/Safety Roll Cage
Wheelbase: 112 Inches Body:  F-150
Overall Length: 206.5 Inches Designer: F-150, Brad Keselowski Racing
Overall Width: 80 Inches Spoiler:  7 “, 650
Overall Height: 60 Inches Steering:  Delphi – Saginaw Steering Box
Ground Clearance: 4 Inches Seating:  LaJoie Seating
Track Width: 60.5 Inches Oil and Fuel Lines:  Custom Cooper Standard
Fuel Capacity: 18 Gallons


Engine Specifications

Front: Equal Length A-Arm Type:  Roush Yates V8
Rear: Trailing Arms with Panhard Rod Displacement:  358 Cubic Inches
Shock Absorbers: Hydraulic, Single Adjustable Power:  650-700 Horsepower
Induction:  Normally Aspirated w/ 390 Cubic Feet Per Minute Carburetor Bore: 4.195 Inches
Stroke: 3.25 Inches
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
Clutch: Tilton 3-Disc
Compression Ratio: 12.0:1
Engine Design: Roush Yates, Brad Keselowski Racing
Fuel: Sunoco Racing Gasoline
Fuel Pump: Roush Yates, Brad Keselowski Racing
Exhaust: Roush Yates, Brad Keselowski Racing


2013 Brad Keslowski Racing Studio Shoot

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Ken Block and his Hoonigan Racing Division have created the Ford F-150 RaptorTrax in hopes of making it the worldâ ™s fastest snowcat.

460 CUBIC INCHES 575 HP CRATE ENGINE REAR SUMP | Part Details for M-6007-Z460FRT | Ford Racing Performance Parts

460 CUBIC INCHES 575 HP CRATE ENGINE REAR SUMP | Part Details for M-6007-Z460FRT | Ford Racing Performance Parts.


Ford Racing has taken its Boss Block to the max with the biggest small block Windsor crate engine ever – the Z460.  With 575 horsepower and 575 Lb. Ft. of torque, Z460 packs a pump gas fueled punch that works well on the street and on the track.

The foundation of Z460 is the legendary Ford Racing Boss block topped off with high port/high flow Z-Heads.  Premium components from the best aftermarket companies are used throughout the engine, like a SCAT® forged steel crankshaft, SCAT® forged H-beam connecting rods, forged Mahle® pistons and Clevite® bearings.  And every Ford Racing Z460 engine is hand assembled in the U.S. with performance clearances.

575 Horsepower @ 5,500 RPM

575 Lb.Ft. Torque @ 4,700 RPM

  • Engine type:  351 based small block Ford
  • Displacement (cu in): 460
  • Bore x stroke (in): 4.150″ bore x 4.250″ stroke
  • Block: Boss 351 9.5″ deck
  • Crankshaft: SCAT® Forged Steel
  • Connecting Rods: SCAT® forged steel H-beam 6.125-inch length connecting rods
  • Pistons: Forged Mahle® w/ floating wrist pin
  • Camshaft type: Hydraulic Roller
  • Camshaft lift (in): .594″/.618″
  • Camshaft Duration (@.050 in): 242°/248°
  • Cylinder Heads: Ford Racing M-6049-Z304DA Aluminum “Z” Cylinder Heads
  • Valve size (in): 2.02 intake 1.60 exhaust
  • Compression ratio: 10.0:1 (nominal)
  • Rocker arms : Ford Racing M-6564-F351 Roller Rocker arms
  • Rocker arm ratio: 1.65:1
  • Vibration Damper – Ford Racing M-6316-D302 SFI Approved
  • Valve Covers: Ford Racing cast aluminum – silver painted finish
  • Oil Pan: Steel with deep front (9 quart) or rear sump (7quart) pan with louvered windage tray and crankshaft scraper (M-6675-FT351 front sump or M-6675-DRS351 rear sump))
  • Water pump: Ford Racing M-8501-G351 included – long type – standard rotation
  • Includes Ford Racing M-9439-A50 intake manifold gaskets
  • Distributor: not included. Steel distributor gear required.
  • Required fuel: Premium Unleaded
  • Ignition timing: 32° at 4,000 RPM
  • Maximum recommended rpm: 5,600 RPM
  • Balanced: Internal – use neutral balance flywheel
  • Recommended intake: Edelbrock PN 2924 Super Victor (not included)
  • New block, oil and water pump, performance oil pan and high-performance harmonic balancer
  • Engine power ratings achieved with Edelbrock® Super Victor intake, Holley® 850 CFM carburetor, long tube headers.
  • Depending on your application, a different timing cover, water pump, performance oil pan and pickup may be required.  Call the Ford Racing Techline at (800) FORD788 for more information.
  • M-6007-Z460FRT


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“OFFICIAL” How to Paint Your Coil Covers Thread. – Ford Mustang Forums.

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