Project BeepBeep – 68 RoadRunner – Disc Brake Conversion Part 5 and Some Dash Work

Welcome back to #ProjectBeepBeep.

Bill is working on finishing up the brake conversion. Here is a progress update.

Note:  I forgot to add the credits for these videos:   Starring Bill B as himself; BeepBeep as ’68 Road Runner; Wild E. Coyote in effigy Camera Production; Mrs. Bill B and SamB Editing Tim Sweet AG Car Restoration –
Here’s a look at the proportioning valve.

Proportioning Valve

Proportioning Valve


Comparing the bends in the new brake lines from the master cylinder against the old.



Missing brake lines are in and some dash work.

Note: I forgot to add the credits for these videos: Starring Bill B as himself; BeepBeep as ’68 Road Runner; Wild E. Coyote in effigy Camera Production; Mrs. Bill B and SamB
Editing Tim Sweet AG Car Restoration –

Lots of good information here, especially when it comes to ordering parts online.  Make sure you know who you are ordering from, return policy and as Bill mentioned any tech help you might need is available (free is always good, too).

More coming up on #ProjectBeepBeep, #ProjectSportsRoof and more.

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Unrestored high-desert Mopars sell for bargain-basement prices | Hemmings Daily

Unrestored high-desert Mopars sell for bargain-basement prices | Hemmings Daily.


Just a field full of vintage Mopar metal!!!!   You’ve gotta love the prices that these car brought.

I often read where automotive writers type, “Where are all the classic/muscle cars?”   They really need to get out more. There are many places just like this one across the U.S.   Take a drive a cross the Painted Desert.  I’m sure I saw at least 10 muscle Mustangs in the backyards, garages and car ports!!!


Field of Mopars.  Someone's Field of Dream!

Field of Mopars. Someone’s Field of Dream!


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