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I re-posted a discussion on “Would You Take A Viper Over A ZR1?” (  To me there is really no discussion to be had.  There is absolutely no way I’d select a Dodge Viper for a ZR1.  Heck, there’s no way I’d select a Viper over any Corvette (even the ugly, big butted C5’s).  Yup, even over the horse power difference.

It is mainly the design.  The Viper looks like the it’s either broken in the middle or was two cars shoved together.    Check this out?


So here ya go  – the curve of the hood and rake of the windshield make he look “bent” at the vertical line drawn on the fender.  The bump where the side exhaust starts  the bent look.  The door is hinged inside what would normally be a fender brake cooling vent.  Then notice the back-end – it looks familiar, yes like a Mazda.   It really looks like a sports car got been by shoving a Mazda Miata in its trunk.

Now take a look at a 1992 Corvette ZR1.


Let rake in the windshield and the brake vents are as they should be!!!  Great lines!!!

Collector for a 1992 Viper vs. the  1992 ZR1 is a little one sided with the Viper about $15k more than the Vette, so for investment purposes the Vipers the one to own.

Your thoughts?

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ZR 1- From Red Stripe Photography


ZR1 Deliciousness

Went back to visit my family in Louisiana this past weekend; I always have a good time when I’m back there. There’s always something new with the family that we’re able to catch up on, or a new eatery that just opened up to check out. Never Trust A Skinny Food Critic blog has the scoop on the places we ate out at. My blog is mostly about cars/photography however and if you’ll remember, I’ve done a post in the past on my brothers ZR1. I had the pleasure of shooting the ZR1 again, but this time the car is vastly more improved and with updated modifications. I’m really impressed by the looks of the car and how the subtle changes really changed the previous stock ZR1.  I didn’t get to drive the car this time; my brother was always in a hurry hence the quick photo shoot in the driveway. It’s too bad too because I had a sweet spot picked out in my mind for the shoot.  But these things happen and there just wasn’t enough time. I did the best I could though to show the beauty of this ZR1.  Hope you guys enjoy.


One of the reason we were in a hurry…see the rain clouds?  I thought it would have been kinda cool to do a photo shoot in the rain but my brother wasn’t having it.

I give that ASS 4 thumbs up!!

The door sill reminds you that you’re stepping into a ZR1

Custom logo wheels for the ZR1

What’s a car without a stereo system.

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The Official 2012 Corvette Production Numbers Are Here!

by on June 7, 2012

It’s nearing the peak of summer, which means 2013 model year cars are only weeks away from being released. But before we can welcome in the last of the C6 models for next year, we owe it to the 2012′s to take a look back and see just how well the Corvette did this year. So here are some of the production numbers for the Corvette’s 2012 model year compliments of CorvetteBlogger, and some of them may just surprise you.

Just like in the 2010 and 2011 model years, the Grand Sport got the most amount of buys for 2012. Between the Grand Sport coupe (5,056 sold) and the GS convertible (2,268 sold) , the model made up nearly 63 percent of all Corvette sales. Coming in at a far second, was the base model with 2,820 coupes and just 651 convertibles sold to make up 29.5 percent of Corvette sales.

As far as the high-rolling Z06 and ZR1′s go, only 478 Z06 models were sold, making up 4.1 percent of total sales, and only a measly 404 ZR1′s were sold, making up just 3.5 percent of sales. In total, 11,647 Corvettes were manufactured for the 2012 model year.

Not surprisingly, the most popular color among the 2012 models was Torch Red with 19.5 percent of Corvettes sold sporting the color. The vibrant shade was closely followed by the Carbon Flash Metallic paint of the special Centennial Edition cars. Nearly 19 percent of Corvettes sold featured the special edition package.

Other interesting tidbits we found browsing through the 2012 production numbers were that 62.3 percent of Corvettes were sold with Ebony interiors while only 88 were sold with yellow stitching accents and 105 sold with blue stitching accents.

Option packages appear to have been popular with 2,416 Corvettes sold with the 1LT option package, 1,691 sold with the 2LT package, and 5,510, or 47.3 percent, sold with the 3LT package.

For more of the 2012 model year numbers, check out the full report from