Engine Line Up – 1966 AMC

Often over looked is the first year AMC products.  AMC invested approximately 300 million dollars in  advanced engine designs, bodies and plant facilities as it prepared for the move from Nash Rambler hold over to AMC proper.

Of course the company was formed from Nash Rambler (AMC Rambler) in 1958 and eventually just American  Motors Corp.  So 1966 found a fair amount of “redesign” going on.   The available models for that year were:

Rambler American Rouge Series 01 (4dr w/V8)

Rambler Classic 770 Series 10 (2dr conv w/V8)  (4dr station wagon w/6cyl)

Rambler Rebel  Series (2dr w/V8)

Marlin Series 50 (2dr w/6 or V8) (My favorite besides the Javelin)

I love these cars. The two-tone paint is great. I love the yellow and black, blue and black and the silver and black combo.

Ambassador 990  Series 80 (4dr w/V8)

Rambler Ambassador 990  Series 80 (2d conv w/V8)

1966 Rambler Ambassador 990 Convertible

Rambler Ambassador DPL Series 80 (2dr w/V8)

Gone from the engine line up is the 196.5 6 cylinder overhead valve engine.  It was replaced with the 198.8 In Line Six. It was a cast iron block with overhead valves and a bore and stroke of 3.57 x 4.00 inches.  It displaced 198.8 cubic inches with a compression ratio of 85:1 and mustered up 128 hp. It was topped with a 1bbl Holley carb.  This was the base engine and all of the models could have been optioned with it.  But that wasn’t the only 6 banger the American 232 cid with produced 155 hp which sported a 2bbl Holley carb.

On the V8 side of things there was the 287 cid.  It was a cast iron block with overhead valves with a bore and stroke of 3.75 x 3.25 which produced a compression ratio of 8.7:1.  Topped with a 2bbl Holley (model 2209-2699) it made 198 hp.  The other option was the 327 cid that put out 270 hp and carried a 4bbl Holley on top.

New for that year was the 290 V8 (4.8L) it had a bore and stroke of 3.75 x 3.28  and with an iron block and overhead valves which produced 200 hp with a 2bbl plopped on top for 225 with a 4bbl carb.  Snap up the car with an original 290, only 623 of these engine were place in the 1966 models (all may the “American” models vs the “Classic” (those should have 287 instead).

The 290 used sparingly in the 1966 models.

The 327 was available in 1966. It was 5.4 liters with cast iron block.  The bore was increased over the 287 (they were similar set up) and it had hydraulic lifters.

The AMC 327 was similar to the 287, but displaced 327 cu in (5.4 L) due to the bore increase to 4.0 inches (102 mm). Unlike the 250, the 327 was available with hydraulic valve lifters.  The bore and stroke was 4.0 x 3.25  and topped with 2bbl carb it produced 250 hp.  Put the 4bbl option and you push it up to 270 hp.

I really these early AMC.

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Some very cool car pics!!! Red Stripe Photography

I love this site.  You need to go check them out.


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Red Stripe Photography Cameras & Cars

2012 Lone Star Round UP – Part 2

Here’s the 2nd part to the 2012 Lone Star Round Up.

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Corvette Club steps up and honors a returning soldier | Hemmings Blog: Classic and collectible cars and parts

Read it on Hemmings Blog. 

Corvette Club steps up and honors a returning soldier | Hemmings Blog: Classic and collectible cars and parts.

 Great Story.

Beautiful 1980 Vette Great job done by Classic Glass Corvette Club of Marietta, Georgia


Corvette Club steps up and honors a returning soldier | Hemmings Blog: Classic and collectible cars and parts.

Photos: New Ford Mustang 5.0L Falls Three Stories From Parking Garage

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parking garage 2

There has been a lot of parking garage incidents lately but I think this one takes the cake. This isn’t some guy losing control on the nearby road and landing IN the parking garage. Not this time. This time the driver apparently went through the concrete wall of the third story of the parking garage in Lugano, Switzerland, and fell all the way down upon some parked mopeds and a tree. The 24-year old driver was only injured slightly after flying off of the third floor. You can say that this brand new 5.0 suffered a tragic death, though.

If you look up into the parking garage, you see exactly where he fell from as there is a guy looking down and a nice chunk of wall missing. It gives you a good perspective of how far this car actually fell!

Parts Car or Daily Driver

This pic came from over on Autoholics.com.   Good…reef!!!!  

Some tires and a couple headlights and we are good to go!!!  Look at that upholstery!!!

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Product Review – Griot’s Garage – Long Lasting Tire Dressing Closure

So you’ve read my review and I promised to drop a note as to the “Long Lasting” part of Griot’s Garage’s – Long Lasting Tire Dressing.

Now is has rained nearly every day since I applied the dressing.

So take a look at the tires with 2 applications and 3 applications.

Tires with 2 applications of tire dressing


Here is the tire with 3 applications of tire dressing


Here is what I think as a wrap up.   Long lasting to me doesn’t necessarily mean just duration, but can it stand up to everyday driving – oh—yeah…just in case I failed to mention, the  Vette is my daily driver.  It lived up to the Griot promise.  I’ll continue using this product.

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Car Production Numbers. They Made How Many? 1926

Are you like me and like numbers and history?

Here are some numbers for car production for 1996.

At the number one spot was Ford with 1,426,612 followed by:

Chevy                    547,724

Buick                     266,753

Dodge                   265,000

Hudson/Essex   227,508

Willys-Overland/Whippet       182,000

Chrysler              135,520

Pontiac/Oakland     133,604

Ford was really knocking out some cars.

Here is a 1926 Willys-Overland Whippet


1926 Essex


In 1926 GM purchased all the shares of Fisher Body Company from the Fisher brothers and build a new building in 1927.

1926 was the first year for Pontiac, is sported a 40 bhp, 187 CID L-head 6.

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Project Pontiac 1949 Silver Streak Delivery Van

I have a co-worker who from time to time has mentioned his Pontiac project and we’ve ‘bench restored’ a few times.  But I’d never actually saw this car , nearly a picture.  But thanks to our first real rain here in Southern AZ since last year I think, and the fact that we don’t do our monsoon season any other way than “harsh”  my  co-worker’s (we’ll call him ‘Mike’…’cause that’s actually his name) neighbor had a tree that suffered enough wind damage it and to be taken down.  So Mike had to move the car, parked it behind his daily driver.  Got up this morning and decied..heck, I’ll drive it to work.

And that’s how I got the pic of the 1949 Pontiac Silver Streak Delivery Van, all original  and get this…..his family is the only owner the beauty every had.  His grand father purchased it new.  More to come on this one but here are some pics.

1949 Pontiac Delivery Van


Back Side of the '49 Silver Streak Delivery Van Pontiac style.


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Closure Missing 1970 Mustang Grande

OK after all these years, after the car was gone.  I stopped by the house.  I was met by Al, short for Albert, not Alan, as Al informed me.

I told him that I had always wanted to check on the Grande and he informed I was a bit late.  He said he didn’t mind answers a few questions.

So I asked Al how got the car and he said he bought it back in 1972 from some guy.  “It was a nice car with an automatic.”  Of course my next question was what was under the hood and he said ‘nothing’.  “Took it out about 10 years ago and parked on the side of the house.”  He told me he never got the engine fixed, ” ’cause  it ‘cost too much.”  He ended up letting the guy that did some work on it keep.  “Ya know, it might have been a 302.”  He said he didn’t really know want to do with the body and just ended up hanging on to it.

So I asked him where the car end up, hoping it was sent out to be restored.  He said there was this guy from Texas that would stop by every now and then and ask if it was for sale.  He drives large pick up and always has an empty trailer attached.  This same guy that has stopped by a co-worker of mine, who has her son’s 70 Monte Carlo and her daughter’s 1969 Camaro sitting under her car port – waiting for some TLC and try’s to convince her that she should sell them to him.  She chases him off each time, but he’ll swing by a few months later.

A couple of weeks ago, Texas dude, stops by Al’s home and Al decided to get the Grande out of the yard and sold the man from Texas.

We talked a bit longer about my 1970 Mustang coupe and I showed him a couple of pics on my phone and then thanked him for his time.

There ya go..closure!

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ParkingLot Spotlight 6/07/2011

So you are out at the mall or grabbing some groceries at the store and you are headed back to your car in the parking lot and you catch something out of the corner of your eye.  It’s out of the ordinary, it really shouldn’t be there, especially parked between that 1998 Honda with almost no paint and the huge Cummings Diesel pick up with a bench car seat bungy corded to the tie downs in the bed, but there it is, glowing and out-of-place.

That is what these segments will be about.  Sometime there will be comments from the owner and sometimes I won’t have a chance to chat with them.  There is a fine line between loving cars and stalking. (Standing around while your milk getting warm and your ice cream is leaking out of the hole in the plastic bag, waiting for the owner is on the line.  Hey..it only happened once!!!…Come on now!!!..You’ve done it!!!)

Wandering around Southern Arizona wine country, we pulled into the one of the winery’s parking lots and I spied this beauty.

1964 Lincoln Continental Love the shape of the grill.

Yes! Convertible with suicide doors.

I’m on the fence with these wheels, but it’s still great looking.

Some 1964 Lincoln Continental facts:

Sales for that year was  32,969 roughly and approximately only 3,328 convertibles were sold.  The other option was a 4 door sedan (no two door coupe?  I’ll have to check on that).  The vert was sold for $6,938 and the sedan was about $700 less.

Only one engine was available for the Lincoln and that was the 430 with 320 hp. Which was good because the car weighted 5,000 lbs.  It was paired up with a 3 speed auto transmission which helped it reach the top speed of 110 m/h.

Longer wheel base was about 2 inches longer then the previous years at 126 inches.


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