Old Garage Pics.

Old Gas Stations pics from http://hipspics.freewebspace.com/gas/gas.html
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The Car Differential

Sometimes we forget how things evolved when it comes to the functioning of our cars.  Sometimes to understand how they work its helpful to go back in time and view how the problem was solved.

Take for instance this 1937 GM film on how to solve cornering.

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Drive By 1938 Chrysler Royal

Here is another drive by.  As you know these are in fact drive by – but shooting with a camera!!!!

We saw this on near down town Tucson, Az.


She needs a little work but it seems the owner drives it.  I love the suicide door and the 9 windows!!

The Chrysler Royal was an automobile produced by the Chrysler division of the Chrysler Corporation between 1937 to 1942 and 1946 to 1950. The Royal represented the entry-level Chrysler during its production,[1] making it the most affordable Chrysler model. The Royal was replaced at the end of 1950 model year by the Chrysler Windsor.

Own one of these?  Drop me a note.

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Engine Line Up – 1956 Hudson Part III (Packard Engine in a Hudson?) Update

Additional update:

According to The Standard Catalog of American Motors 1902-1987, the AMC V8 was introduced on March 5 (1956) in a new model called the Hornet Special.  It displaced 250 cu. in.  The 2 V8 engines were sold side-by-side until October 25, when the 1957 models were introduced.  The 1957 cars, all of which were called "Hornets", came _only_ with the 327 cu. in. AMC V8 (the Hudson and Nash 6 cylinder engines were no longer available).

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AMC bought V8 engines and automatic transmissions from Packard. They installed them in Nash and Hudson cars in 55 and 56. Their own AMC V8 was ready for 57 so I think they only used their own engines from 57 on.


56 Hornet

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Big Dog Garage: 1953 Chevy Wagon

Big Dog Garage: 1953 Chevy Wagon.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1953 Chevy Wagon

This 1953 Chevy Wagon was bought new by my Grandfather as a delivery wagon for his grocery store.  My Uncle and Cousin had restored and maintained it until it was passed on to me.  This is the actual first car I remember riding in as a toddler.  I was fascinated by the chrome on the dash, and have been a car nut ever since.

After a lot of thought and conversations, I have decided what direction to go with the restoration of the Wagon.  At first, I wanted to preserve the original state of the car, but if I did that, it would be dangerous to drive in today’s traffic.  In 1953, there were no seat-belts and few other safety devices.  I really would like to enjoy the car as it was meant to be…. driving it as much as possible.  I would love to build it with a Big Block, but I am realistic so I plan to install the original Corvette engine and transmission from the ’78 Vette.  I also want to install disc brakes all around with radial tires.  Of course there is creature comforts like air conditioning I want to install.  I will keep the original look of the car with a few exceptions like wheels and over-sized tires.


The Mad Max Switchable Blower Becomes Reality at Procharger: SEMA 2012 – Hot Rod Magazine Blog

The Mad Max Switchable Blower Becomes Reality at Procharger: SEMA 2012 – Hot Rod Magazine Blog.

SEMA 2012 0205

What if you could switch your supercharger on and off with the flick of a switch? Many gearheads have had that dream ever since it was seen in the Mad Max movie in 1979. The aftermarket was slackin’, but 34 years later, Procharger has made it real. Or close.
The all-new i-1 supercharger is a belt-driven centrifugal deal like Procharger is known for, but this one can be programmed for the boost curve of your choice by way of a computer-controlled constantly variable transmission (CVT) that changes the blower-drive ratio dynamically. The i-1 blower has a 8:1 gear-driven reduction augmented by the CVT that runs between 0.6:1 and 1.9:1. The drive ratio alters the blower speed and therefore changes the boost.

SEMA 2012 0211 650x433 image
How is this Mad Max-like? Because you can dial a low 1 or 2 psi for driving around town and then crank it up to the blower’s full potential of around 850 hp, all on the fly. You can also custom-shape a curve to your liking, overdriving the blower at low engine speeds for more bottom-end power, and then tapering it off to ensure you don’t get into overboost. You can also create a flatter boost curve than you would normally see with an rpm-dependant centrifugal blower There are three modes out of the box: Touring for 1-2 psi, Sport for a medium- aggressive boost curve, and Competition for all-out power.
Procharger CEO Ken Jones told us that the i-1 was tested back to back with the company’s mainstay P1SC at the drag strip. The older blower ran 120 mph and the new one ran 122—that’s not due to the CVT, but because of a refined compressor housing.
Ken also says ’10-up Camaro SS will be the first available application, but company insiders have been driving around in 5.0 Mustangs, Corvettes, late-model Mopars, and F-150 trucks. We’ll throw out a guess that the 5.0 Mustang kit will be the next to market.
This is the most creative new product launch we’ve seen so far at SEMA 2012, and HOT ROD is already scheming an interesting way to test one of these things. Meanwhile, you have to check out the video to really understand how cool it is:


Fake Patina: It’s Not Over Yet? New Flat Paints at SEMA 2012 – Hot Rod Magazine Blog

I am a fan of Flat/Satin look, to a point, but not the fake “rust” look however.


Fake Patina: It’s Not Over Yet? New Flat Paints at SEMA 2012 – Hot Rod Magazine Blog.

SEMA 2012 Fake Patina


You know an underground trend has peaked when it goes mainstream; like when punk rock becomes Green Day. Driving rusty beater rods is punk rock. Faking patina is Green Day. Ya know how we know? Because phony rust is on display at SEMA 2012.


Cumberland Products has a Vintage Line of flat and satin paints that were used on this ’33 Ford to create what’s certainly the the most convincing fake patina we’ve ever seen. Even so, we can’t endorse fake rust.
However, we’re not so cynical about flat and satin paints, and what makes the Cumberland stuff cool is that it does not collect fingerprints or smudges. We fondled that ’33 to prove it. The company also claims “this coating is formulated to withstand the same atmospheric conditions as any single-stage urethane system.” So perhaps it won’t get all chalky like primer and other flats. Cumberland also has a clear that can be mixed for flat, eggshell, or semi-gloss.


See CumberlandProductsInc.com.


Think we’re wrong about patina? For that matter, do you think flat and satin are overplayed? What are the paint trends that interest you now?


Cops and Rodders 2012 – Selling the Continental??!!!!

At this particular show I was admiring a car on the other side of the aisle, when I heard the an interesting conversation behind me.


1948 Continental – FOR SALE


The young man in this picture seemed to be having a hard time understanding why the owner (the adult in this picture) was selling his car.  At one point he was even questioning the price of $35k!!!!



Good to see such a young guy have such an interest.

Take a kid to a car show!!!

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Cops and Roders Car Show 2012 – Chevelle Row

This show is to benefit the local police departments (city and count) as well as other first responders.  This is the first year in the last 4  that I didn’t bring at least one car (Vette and/or Mustang).

As will all car shows, the hosts normally try to list the cars by class, but that doesn’t always work – often car clubs make up a large percentage of the participants and if the Mopar guys want to park together they will be allowed to.  So you’ll see the “rows” that don’t seem to match up.

In this case, however the Chevelle’s got this one right.

Chevelle Row

Another beautiful Chevelle

SS version

More coming up.
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1956 Bel Air Roadster Project “Open Air” Unveiling SEMA 2012 – Hot Rod Magazine Blog

1956 Bel Air Roadster Project “Open Air” Unveiling SEMA 2012 – Hot Rod Magazine Blog.


On almost every season of Chop Cut Rebuild, Classic Industries builds an awesome project and 2012 SEMA’s project is no exception. Project “Open Air” is an LSA-powered ’56 Bel Air Roadster (that’s not a misprint, it’s a roadster not a convertible). The entire build will air on Chop Cut Rebuild’s 9th season. The first episode will air mid January.


LSA SUPERCHARGED 1956 BEL AIR 650x433 image




It started from a ’56 Bel Air found in a backyard in Compton, California. They got it back to Classic Industries’ shop in Huntington Beach, CA, only to realize that the entire car had started to bow in the middle because of rust. They called upon Art Morrison for a chassis and Real Deal Steel Bodies for a convertible body. Chevrolet Performance supplied the LSA crate engine and 4L85E transmission. Dakota Digital helped out with the gauges and C.A.R.S. Inc. stepped in with the interior.


The project was finished only hours before loading it on a trailer to be unveiled at the 2012 SEMA show. The build coincided with Classic Industries’ new tri-five catalog that was introduced April, 2012. Check back later as we will have build photos of project “Open Air.”