Agent 47 Harbinger 69-70 Mustang

Ok car and Mustang fans you are going to like this:


Agent 47 Harbinger Mustang for racing or street!!!

Isn’t that wicked looking?

They tried for the look of the 69 TransAm Mustang.

Shelby 1969 TransAm Mustang

The Harbinger is built for track or high performance street duty.  Here are some specs and more pics.  (Check out the racing video too.)

– Limited production of 250 serialized chassis

– Harbingers can be built using a brand new Dynacorn repro body or an existing 69 or 70 Mustang shell. {but it would have to be the fastback or sports back – not my ’70 Coupe  🙁  }

Race spec, low visual obstruction design, 12 point, chassis stiffening roll-cage of DOM steel.

Race proven SLA (double A-arm) Front suspension.

Ultra stable, Bill Osborne designed, V-link rear suspension.

Speedway Engineering 9” full floating rear axle.

Penske adjustable racing shocks with optional weight jacks at all four corners.

Ducted, low drag and lift hood, engineered and crafted by Agent 47.

Come ON!!! Tell me that’s not awesome!!!

Agent 47 designed vintage Recaro style racing seats.

Agent 47 designed, lightweight, Forgeline racing wheels.

Those are nice!!!

Brakes and master cylinders by AP racing.

Check out this set up.

16 lightweight components manufactured using the latest Rapid prototyping technology.

NVH controlled interior with strategic, lightweight, sound dampening materials.

A work of art. Very limited body roll with this set up. Much improved over the original ’69 TransAm

I’m not advertising for these guys, I just really like what they’ve done.  There are parts for Fox bodied and other Mustangs as well.

Here a long racing video (cameras are set up for you can see how the body reacts to cornering).

Thanks for reading.