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James Dean’s Missing Porsche 550 Spyder Found

Article By MyClassicGarage at 09/29/15 03:36PM

September 30th,…was the… anniversary of the sad day James Dean died.   60 years have passed, and now there are rumors that the exact car, a Porsche 550 chassis 055, might be not so lost after all.

If anyone is not up to speed on what happened, James Dean was driving his Porsche 550 on his way to Salinas, California for a race. Near Cholame, California, on a stretch of highway, Dean was involved in a head on crash with a Ford Tudor.   The Porsche was totaled, and Dean was pronounced dead.

It was tragic, but instead of only focusing on the negativity surrounding the situation, the crash became the centerpiece for a safe driving program across the country. His 550 was toured around, but strange events cast a dark shadow over the car.

People who came in close contact with the 550 experienced a string of bad luck. Many were involved car wrecks themselves, and some also suffered the same fate as Dean.

During the early 60’s the 550 actually disappeared. Somehow it vanished during transportation from Florida to California, until now.Volo Auto Museum is a good friend of My Classic Garage, and also the possible next owner of the highly sought after Porsche 550.  The whole situation is still unfolding, but here’s what we know.   During 2005 Volo offered a million dollar reward for the whereabouts of James Dean’s 550.   After the television show ‘Brad Meltzer’s Lost History,’ which aired in 2014, a man contacted Volo Auto Museum with the claim that he knew where the car was.   His tale is crazy, and sounds like the plot to a box office hit, but after a polygraph test his story was confirmed.     He was 6 years old and present as his father and some other men put the cursed 550 Spyder behind a false wall in an undisclosed building somewhere in Washington.   We have a lot of questions about all of this, but we really hope the rumors are true.   This is still coming together.    As details are released we’ll keep you updated.

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Wreckage from James Dean crash may be in Bellingham

Reilly describes witnessing his father and a group of men hide the famous car in a Bellingham building. “A 1955 Porsche 550, all mangled up. They were talking about it being James Dean’s car,” said Reilly. “They hid it inside a wall, basically on its side.

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Fans complete James Dean’s drive 60 years after his death

The actor was driving his silver 550 Porsche Spyder and was headed to Salinas where he planned to participate in the road car sports race at the Salinas Airport. “When he was filming ‘East of Eden,’ he really fell in love with the car culture in