New BMW M6 GT3 racer starts testing – Only Motors

New BMW M6 GT3 racer starts testing

BMW is retiring its hugely successful, V8-engine Z4 GT3 racer later on this year. It’s replacement, the BMW M6 GT3, was spotting undergoing testing this week.

And, good grief, does it look mean. The Z4 is one of the most cartoonishly pumped-up cars on the GT3 and the M6 carries on the tradition. The wheel arches are gigantic, the sills are like shelves and the rear wing would make a decent bar.

Power comes from the twin-turbo, 4.4-litre V8 found in the road-going M6. Though modified to cope with the demands of racing, it will probably produce less power than the road car, thanks to the Balance of Performance system that equalizes the extremely diverse GT3 field.


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GT3 - 2016  Get Ready!!!

M6 GT3 – 2016 Get Ready!!!


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