1973 Mustang Project SportsRoof – Exterior Walk-Around

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof.  I run my car projects much like I run my IT projects.  You always have to know where to start and know the end game.   As with any project that isn’t being built from scratch, in other word, you have to work with what you’ve got, the final goals may change based on what you start out with.  So here at the beginning an inventory of what we have and what is need is necessary.

This is the part of the project where the list of To-Do’s begins.  Although these videos are short, I did spend significant time looking  over each section of the car.  From this I’ll come up with a parts list and then tasks list.

Keep in mind that I intend to this to be a driving project – keeping it on the road while it’s being restored (we’ll see how that works out).

As you can see the body is in pretty good shape over all.  But there is still a lot of work ahead.

Let me know your opinions, drop a comment.

Next up will be an inventory of the interior.

Thanks for reading.




1973 mustang sportsroof

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