1973 Mustang – Project SportsRoof – Compression, Rods and Heads Part II

So after inspecting the head further, I noticed  a few more reasons to have them reconditioned.  Take a look:

Gonna Need some touching up.

Gonna Need some touching up.











As you can see there a lot of rust and old stuff plugging up some of the water passages.

The heads were sent out to a local machine shop run by an old hot rodder.

Here’s a quick video of the valves that were removed. You can see the build up as the oil (from the tappet hole) and the gas was continually ignited by the spark plug.

The good news the heads are back and installed.  The bad news in my haste to get the car back together,  I forget to get some shots of the completed heads.   By the time I realized it was too late to go back.



The Cleveland is running strong, but needs a lot of work on the vacuum system and – I’m thinking of replacing the carb.  Send me your on what to replace it with.

Motorcraft?  Holly?

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1973 Mustang – Project SportsRoof – Compression, Rods …

Thanks for check in on #ProjectSportsRoof. If you remember a of couple months back, shortly after bringing the ’73 Mustang home, I conducted a compression test on all.
1973 Mustang Project Sportsroof – Engine Walk-Through.

Next up will be the install Pertronix system and cap and rotor, then plug and wires. Thanks for reading and drop me a note. Tim. #ProjectSportsRoof. projectsportsroof. 1973 Mustang Project SportsRoof – Interior Walk-Through.