Reader’s Car: 1970 Mustang Export to The Land Down Under – Pete’s Ride.

Nothing is better than hearing from a reader, unless that reader send pictures of his ride.

Pete has a beautiful 1970 Mustang coupe out in Western Suburbs of Sydney in New South Wales.

Hi Tim,

Attached are a couple of pictures, one when I got her with wheels, didn’t like them so I put on another set, (the Boyd’s one). The wheels on the car when I bought them were from a 96-02 cobra GT so they had the wrong offset, with that, it meant it needed spacers. The Boyd’s need no spacers, correct offset.

Engine mods done via previous owner;

  • Trickflow twisted wedge heads, roller rockers
  • Flowtech custom roller camshaft
  • LSD 3.55 8’3/4” ford diff
  • Biggs performance 650 double pumper carb
  • Weiand stealth intake manifold

To date I have done the following;

  • Replaced rear leafs with reverse eyelet leafs, they had normal ones with lowering blocks before
  • Put a Mallory large HEI distributor (don’t hate me)
  • Converted from automatic to manual (4 speed toploader, 11
    “ clutch setup)
  • Stereo, though I rarely listen to it, the engine is music to my ears
  • Replaced leaky power assist steering with all new manual steering
  • 5” exhaust throughout, pacemaker headers, which is where my current problem is




Pete says he’s had this beauty “About 4 years or so now I’ve had it, been interesting with the level of fixing that she needs, I had an Aussie version of the Chevelle and that was solid. Still prefer the sound of the ford motor though.”  The coupe was purchased just up the road from me in Lake Havasu.



Love the color!!!

Love the color!!!

Window are tinted just right!!!

Windows are tinted just right!!!


Thanks Pete for sharing the pics of your 1970 Coupe, I miss my 1970.

What to share your ride?  Drop me a note at

Thanks for reading.

1970 Mustang

1970 Mustang

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