The Bridgestone Project – Cables Part I



As you can see the cabling is pretty extensive – Choke (x2), Clutch, Brake, Accelerator (x2).  That includes splitters for the Choke and Accelerator.

274 275 276 277 278 279

When you are a hobbyist, there’s normally a gap between tasks.  For instance these photos are from Feb 2014.  I’ve made some progress since then (now Aug 2014), but as you’ll see in the next post labeling everything (and videos) help with the assembly.

In this case it is critical, because I have to replace with all new cables made and mixing them up and great a cable that is too long and having too much slack when routing it from the handle bars down to the carbs or transmission of course two short, even a little, would be fatal to the project – short choke cables will keep the bike from starting at all.

More coming up.

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1966 bridgestone 175 dual twin