Parking Lot Spot Light – 1965 Caddy DeVille

Spotted this 1965 DeVille outside a local CVS.  Nice long  2 door convertible, as god intended Caddy to be configured.

There were about 19k Caddy DeVilles Convertibles produced in 1965.  These were all powered by a 429 cid, V8, overhead cam, iron block engine.  The bore and stroke were 4.13 x 4.00 with a compression ratio of 10.5:1 and topped with the a Carter 4 bbl (Model 3903S) it produced about 340 hp.  That’s not much considering the weight of the car was over 4500 lbs.



I love two vertical headlight look on most cars.


Still sporting fins. The back of this car is just as impressive as the front and that’s not always the case.


Love a two door DeVille

This one is a daily driver and could use some freshening but it is a fine automobile.

Thanks for reading.