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Yes you can build a Camaro from the ground up with new frames/bodies and parts everywhere.  You can clone a Boss 302 and you can build your own 1957 Chevy and find all the after market parts you need.

But there are other, equally cool cars that you might take a fancy too and want to restore.  Finding stuff can be a problem.  My feature “Wrecked” might help you out with finding those parts.

I’m doing this in conjunction with listing on PartingOut.Com  they pull together a lot of cars and many are southwestern cars, that means less debilitating rest on the parts you need.  And that’s were I found this very nearly completed parts car.

1962 Mercedes 190 series

1962 Mercedes 190 series

This 1962 190 Series has a lot of useful parts.  Why would anyone want to restore a car like this?  It had classic 60’s European  styling.  I’ve often thought how cool it would be to have a fleet of classic 4  door sedans for taxis – weird?  Maybe.  But I like lines on these

This one has a lot great parts, fenders, doors and where are you going to find those bumpers and that chrome around those over-under headlights.


I’m not seeing much in the way of engine parts…..

Yeah...no engine parts

Yeah…no engine parts..but no rust either!!

Series 190 was in it’s second year and came in two flavors – gas and diesel both were 4 cylinder.  They have tons of room for carrying passengers and luggage.   Oh… they made great taxis…maybe I have something there.

There were a lot produced of these 130,554 190c  and 225,645 190Dc and I’m betting only a fraction of those made it to U.S. soil.

Check out the this car @ 1962-Mercedes-Benz-190-Class at PARTINGOUT.COM.

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I bought a 1962 Mercedes-Benz 190C 1.9 I4 in mint condition. I drove it for a few years at weekends and stuff, but eventually didn’t have time to keep it on the road, so I put it in my garage in the late 80’s, and haven’t removed