Garage Sale Find – 1950’s Chevy

You just never know what you are going to find at a garage sale.

I was running some errands this pass weekend that included a trip to my local Ace Hardware store.  As I entered the parking lot of the hardware store,  I noticed a “garage sale” sign outside the local self-storage located across the street.

I don’t often attend garage sales unless I know ahead of time what I need might be there and that I can pick it up cheap.  However, it was beautiful Southern Arizona morning so I walked across the street and wandered around the storage buildings.   It was a good size storage lot a bit more like a swap-meet, with some guy cooking burgers on his small home grill and selling bottled water.  Not much interested me and I was about to exist, when I saw notices some car parts in the far corner.  No self-respecting car gal/guy wouldn’t pass up at least a quick glance at old car parts.


FrntClip1 FrontClip2


There was no one around and no prices, so maybe it wasn’t part of the garage sale.  Looks to be a 1955 Chevy front clip.

It had some re-bar temp braces on the back side to keep it from betting out of alignment.

Never know what you are going to find.

Thanks for reading.



1955 chevy