1952 Chevy PickUp For Sale

Every town there are a couple places where folks just park cars they want to sell.  Those spots move around from time to time or new ones just popup.

There is one such place just down the street from my house.  It is just along the side of the road as you are headed out of town toward the freeway and right across from a large super store (grocery).   There is often everything from a trashed Ford Taurus and on up to large late model SUV’s.  There have even been some classics!!   Few weeks ago there was a 1969 Mustang – home made restoration and paint but not a bad looking car.  A few weeks ago there as a ’62 Ford Falcon with a bored out 302, dual exhaust.

Today had stop (ok…fine….I always stop!!) and lot at this 1952 Chevy pickup.  It was nicely done. I’d give the paint a 7 out of 10, the bed was nicely redone give that a 9 out of 10.  The interior was all original or restored to original.  Original material upholstery, gauges, steering wheel, dash.  Even had the original dash, stick shift and there near the top of the right hand side was the original push button radio.  So very cool.

I’m not selling, nor am I considering purchasing and I don’t know the seller.  Just thought it was a great looking car.  I didn’t talk to the owner but I did see the truck drive up under it’s own power as I was headed to the auto parts store and he was gone when I got back and stopped to look at it.  I believe it had the 6 cylinder  – but I have an issue with opening up a car without the owner there.  Maybe it an an alarm – my 1970 Mustang had one.

This baby looked great.  Asking price showed $23,000 obo.  Here are some pics:


Chrome look good....$23,000

Chrome look good….$23,000

Phone number is on the sign.  Class was good all the way around.

Phone number is on the sign. Class was good all the way around.

Love the lines on the 1952

Love the lines on the 1952


Great looking bumper.

Great looking bumper.

Floor bed is very well done.

Floor bed is very well done.

If you a reader of my blog and you are interested in the truck.  Call the guy and I’ll be glad to inspect it for you.


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