Auto Factoids for Week of May 4, 2014

This one got lost.   Better late, than never.

5/4/1923  First Le Mans 24 hour race

-The original intention of the race was for a winner to be declared following three straight years of competition. The Rudge-Whitworth Cup would be given to the driver combination to complete the farthest distance total over three years. Unfortunately the idea would be abandoned after the end of the first three year segment, in 1925.

The winners for 1923 were  Andre’ Lagache and Ren`e Leonard and the accomplished that feat by completing 2209.536 km (apporximately 1372.9420186 miles –  🙂 in 128 laps in a Chenard & Walcker Sport with 3-Litre overhead camshaft engine.


This is an awesome looking car!!!

This is an awesome looking car!!!

Originally, the race was held for cars as they were sold to the general public…

...Not so much so today!!!

…Not so much so today!!!

5/6/28 – Chrysler intros the Desoto

Debuted in 1928 and produced for sale in 1929.  Desoto merged with Chrysler as part of the Dodge Brother’s deal and the name disappeared in 1960 and was renamed “Newport”.

28Desoto 220px-'29_DeSoto_(Auto_classique)


5/7/28 – Chrysler buys Dodge – Follow this – Mr. Chrysler started Dodge and booted out. Mr. Chrysler starts Chrysler and buys Dodge.

5/10/23 – Alfred Sloan becomes pres of GM – MIT grad – carried GM through the Great Depression.


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1929 desoto roadster