Studebaker Avanti Coupe – In the Paint Booth

Ok…so it’s not a full-size Studebaker Avanti, but it was affordable.    This is a 1960’s model kit which I picked up on the Internet.

This was partially complete.

This was partly complete.

This is a motorized model, which is unique.  It was a complete kit and was partly assembled  when I purchased it.


The bottom half of the car (rocker panels, etc.) was glued on and the electric motor was installed by a previous owner.

IMG_20150619_184926352 IMG_20150619_184933588_HDR

A little motorized action – just add a fresh AA battery.


I decided to paint the body and top first before continuing with the build.  These are being sprayed painted.

IMG_20150627_191737983 IMG_20150627_191750557_HDR
IMG_20150627_191803240 IMG_20150627_191818097

I masked off the chrome (way harder than on a full size car) and any excess paint will come of with an exacto knife.   I masked off the interior opening as that will get hand painted.

After looking at the second coat, I can see there’s going to be the need for a bit more sanding and  another coat of paint applied.

More to come this model project.

Thanks for reading.


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