Selling the Car, Keeping the Car, Selling the Car

Anyone have this problems?   I love my two cars (the Mustang and the Vette), but I like a lot of other cars as well and the only thing stopping from owning a few more is a 5ft 100lbs lady and of course a place to keep them and of course $$$$ and believe it or not what little bit of common sense I a scrape up…which isn’t easy when it comes to cars.

So every now and then, I go through this cycle. I want another Vette or 2011 Mustang or a vintage Mopar (wouldn’t it be cool to have one of each brand??), but the only way to get another car is to get rid of  one of my existing cars. Man..that’s a tough call to make. So I guess I’ll have to sell my wife’s Lexus..yeah..that’s the ticket….of course I’ll need a place to live after that….No problem…I can live in my cars!!!  Yeah..that’s a good plan.

  I’ve gone back and forth with “trading the Mustang for a Vette”.  I actually had a guy willing do just that. (If you read one of my earliest post, that’s how I got my Corvette in the first place – traded my Celica title for title for the Corvette).  I’ve toyed with “selling the Mustang on online and buying a vette” or “selling the both and buying a new vette.”   It seems to be a constant dilemma, at least for me.

But I get to thinking about value.  Can I get the money I’ve put into them back?  What should I sell them for?  (Next post will be about determining value.) Will I be sorry after words

The last time I went through this cycle, I had the Mustang almost sold and I when outside to start it and as I sat in it I realized ‘I can’t sell this, it’s my first Muscle car that I’ve built from the ground up (as an adult)!!’  I knew that later on when I’m old… I’d be saying “I wish I still had that one!”

There is something about them that sticks to you (those of us that own them).  I think it’s character.  They have character. I read an article where the author said they had “soul”….a bit of a stretch for me to get behind, but it’s something. 

So I good.    For now!!!!  Oh but I’d love an  old Plymouth with fins, and 1950’s Ford and big old Chevy wagon….and..oh yea…a 1966 T-bird….sigh!!!!!

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