Self Inflicted – The Worst

If you recall in a previous post I mentioned the psychological hurdles that some (at least I) have to over come when working on our own cars.   The one of them was the “fear” of breaking it yourself.  Remember?  Well ya go….

It’s the end of January and I still had my x-mas lights up….so yesterday  (1/24)  I decided they had to come down.  I didn’t want to be the guy taking them down in June (like my neighbor).

So, I pull the Vette into the lower part of the drive and then proceeded to back the Mustang down.  The Mustang takes a while to warm up so instead I just release the e-brake, pushed the clutch in and coasted down the driveway.

Had a neighborhood kid in the driveway so I was keeping an eye on him (he’s 5 yrs old) and I left the door of the Stang open.

Yeah…you guessed it….I heard a crunch and I looked over to the left and there was my Mustang door (good old American steel) stuck in my Vette’s fender!!!!!

All I can say is plastic bumpers saved the day….not so much for the fiber glass fender and  belt molding on the vette.

Oh..adding insult to injury the 5 yrs old said..”That’s why you need to close the door..that’s what my Dad says!”

If it ain’t one thing it’s another!!!

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