SCCA Event 4/25/2010 Auto Cross Part III

So let’s get to my runs.  As I mentioned, there were 2 sets of runs, one for time and points and one for just time.  Each was five trips on the course.

One thing they have you do is of course walk the track which is to get you someone familiar with the corners.  I walked it twice.  Once on my own and once with the novice “coach”.

This is my second auto cross.  If you’ve been a constant reader you might recall that was on Jan 25 2010 and it was mainly corvettes. We rented the area and set up our course.  I did fairly well there for my first time.  But this course was different.  A lot tighter corners in a row and two sets of very tight slalom.  Nothing a vette couldn’t handle with the proper speed and a good surface..this was not a good surface, however.

My first run was a darn right awful.  I look like some crazed speed demon with a severe hatred for orange cones. I over drove every tight corner.  My second run wasn’t much better, I didn’t even hit the first corner and then a took a cone for a ride under the vette. 

So now I feeling like a knucklehead.  I had the oldest car there and maybe the one with the most torque, but certainly not the most horse power.  My third run was better and I took along one of the novice coaches but I still had a CD (course deviation) on the backside by missing the second slalom set of cones.  I dropped off the novice coach and my 4th and fifth runs were clean as far as CD’s go but I still got a cone on each run.

So here is how it end up in the first set of 5 runs.

 84 Chevy/Corvette BS
1. DNF
2. DNF
3. DNF
4. 56.355
5. 54.616

My next runs were much better.  I did have on CD and I did get a cone, but the times were getting better. The 5th run below I took a cone and spun on the back side of the course.

1. 51.643
2. 53.146
3. 52.622
4. 51.645
5. 54.188

So I ended the day with the following times and points.

PAX Time         Points

46.260              753
43.575                  796

PAX time is like a handicap in golf, it takes the class of your car and the skill level reduces your time to keep you somewhat competitive.

Not bad for my first real “formal” event.

By the end of the I was worn out.  That is a lot of driving, in the heat (ok..only 88 degree..little hotter on the course). 

The vette performed perfectly, no over heating issues (one of my biggest fears) and nothing broken, did have to rub out a few cone marks….but I showed them whose boss!!!!

You’ll notice a lack of pic or vids on this one, didn’t have my son along as a camera man, and when I wasn’t running they put you to work resetting cones.

If you want to see the scores go to and you can review the results.

Thanks for reading.


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4 Responses to SCCA Event 4/25/2010 Auto Cross Part III

  1. timsweet says:

    From grantar2 via Digital

    Originally Posted by 69autoXr
    All C4’s run in BS starting this year. The changes for this year included combining last years BS and CS into a new CS, AS was renamed BS, and a new AS class was formed with the non-Z06 C5’s, third-gen (I think) RX-7’s, and some others that weren’t competitive in SS.

    Not true, if you have chiped your C4 as I have my 1990 your in BSP.

    As for the V710’s it will matter if your going to run this surface very often. They are expensive (though not as bad as Hoosier A6’s) the point is you will tear the hell out of them and maybe get just that event they are soft. If you only run that surface once or twice then buy some used ones and have fun.

    As for the rims, America’s tire can get you AFS rims for the vette at $125 each or watch for people moving up from C4’s. I live in an area with a lot of people who ran them. Was able this week to pick up two sets of nearly perfect Grand Sport wheels at $300 per set and two 295/40/17 V710’s with about 20/30 runs left in them for $35 each. Picked up some 275 / 40 / 17s from a multi time national champ for free. It’s amazing whats out there. But unless you going to do the trailer and change thing for each event (and as a newbie it won’t help enough) I would suggest Kumho XS or Dunlop Star’s they are the least expensive Super street tires and you can drive them to and from the event. Might see if you can upsize to the 275 or 295 i.e. 9.5 x 11″ wheels. You will find used R comps easier to find.

    Warning don’t drive in the wet, even damp, watch for puddels if you have the Kumho XS they are worse than slicks in the wet. But withing 2 sec of the V710 in the dry warm

  2. timsweet says:


    Are you running in a street tire class? What class are you running? You can get DOT race rubber that is legal
    for all classes (even stock classes!) except those minimum treadwear street tire classes, which i don’t think
    a Corvette is eligible for anyway.

    They had me in the BS class but that was incorrect. Since the crossfire is only rated at 205 hp. I think
    it should have been the CS or GS class, I’d have to re-look that up.


    Perfect, then either way, DOT race rubber is legal, you just can’t run a true race tire. Look into the Kuhmo V710
    (i have those, they’re great!) or the Hoosier A6.

    I had heard some mumblings that last year’s AS cars will be down to BS and that last year’s BS will be combined
    with the current CS cars. I do not know if that ever went through, certainly worth looking into, though!


    All C4’s run in BS starting this year. The changes for this year included combining last years BS and CS into a new CS,
    AS was renamed BS, and a new AS class was formed with the non-Z06 C5’s, third-gen (I think) RX-7’s, and some others that
    weren’t competitive in SS.


    I’m glad i saw this! Thanks! Just went and checked the 2010 rulebook, and there it is… C4 is BS and non-Z06 C5s go to AS.

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  4. PDawg says:

    Laughing about you showing the cone marks who’s boss. We all know you da boss!

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