Restore or Mod it all cost money

Money, cash, coin, bucks, what ever you call it’s the 900 lbs monkey sitting in the passenger seat right next to you!!!!

This can be tough.  Us average guys, have to “pinch pennies until Lincoln calls the cops”. Even then there is a lot of …free time..between mod or new parts.  Am I right?  You betcha.

You’ve heard the stories, that start out…”Yeah..and to sell her.” or “Got a family started.” or “Had to move and no place for the car.”

I wonder about the guys that say…”I have too many projects.” I’m thinking 40% of them ran out of money and then ‘honey’ said that it has got to go.

I don’t have a direct solution for your money problems and I won’t tell you anything you don’t know or haven’t already read about. What I will say is take your time. Work on it as often as possible, even if you are just wiping it down or cleaning a part. That way you don’t “loose” touch so to speak.

What is important is to keep track of what you spend, keep receipts, and spreadsheets are good for that. Why is it important?  For a couple reason:

1.  Most of us average guys are on a budget.  Keep one for your car.  Get prices ahead of time and match that up with your “real world budget” the one you keep to eat/pay the mortgage/utilities.

2. Investment purposes. It’s good to know how much you’ve spent.  That’s a big deal if you were to…go head winch now…you know what’s coming resell.

3.  Insurance – especially if it’s collector car insurance. Most will let set a value.  I have this for my Mustang.

errk…..story time!!!!!  When I first got the Mustang, I called my regular insurance company, told them I purchased a collectable car and I wanted to insure it.  They asked me how much it cost when it was new. I said $2,984.20. The gal on the other end of the line said “Then that’s how much we’ll insure it for.” as if it were a done deal.  So be careful.  I use Hagerty..they are great.  Remember my story about the kid that hit my Mustang….the paid for it all and kept sending checks when ever the amount went up.

Ok..more tomorrow.

Don’t forget about the Clean and Disaster Garage contest.  $25.00 gift card…’s extra money!!!!

Thanks for reading.


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