Reader’s Cars 55 Chev Pickup

I love this.   Every now and then one of the readers of my blog will send a picture of their pride and joy.   

Jeff Applegate is co-worker  and he is the owner of this beautiful 55 Chevy 3100 pick-up.  This is a super looking truck.  It was converted from a 6 cylinder and now sports a 350 with dual exhaust.  The interior is mostly stock as it came from the factory.   

What you can’t see in this photo is the beautiful wooden bed that this truck has.  It’s a sight to be hold.   

I’ve ridden in this one and it can haul butt!   

This truck started out as a work truck for the University of Arizona, before Jeff and his brother got a hold of it.  What is extra cool is that Jeff also graduated from the U of A as well.  (A whole better than a year book and letter-man sweater!!!)  As Jeff described it “It was trashed”.  The truck had been used for exactly what is was purchased for “work”.  Jeff notes that the wooden bed was rotted out due to the harsh weather here in Southern AZ, the body was beat up pretty good and the straight 6 was plumb worn out.   

I’ve asked Jeff (a bunch of times) to sell it to me…and …well….let’s just say his response, once cleaned up for family viewing was “No”.   

Thanks for sharing the picture Jeff…Is No your final answer?  Yeah that’s what I figure!!!!   

Jeff Applegate's 1955 Chev 3100....NICE!!!


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  2. Steve Sears says:

    Love that truck.

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