Readers Cars 01/03/2010

I enjoy seeing readers’ cars.  Here is a 1982 Mercury Cougar Stationwagon…..YES!!!  That’s what I said…”They did what????”

Submitted by Steve Sears.

There were 19,254 Cougar wagons built, in GS and Villager trim, in 1982.

The only other year there were Cougar wagons was 1977 when 9,700+ built.

I’d be willing to bet that there isn’t close to 500 remaining.  They were very prone to rust as were all FOX body Fords.  Most never survived in damp ocean air or areas where salt was used on the roads. Mine was originally purchased in the Dallas area and moved to California sometime in 1984.  I bought it 7 years ago. In 1977 the Cougar replaced the Montego.  They built the two and four door models along with the wagon.

In 1982 they replaced the Zephyr.  The body style continued in 1983 as the Marquis, not to be confused with the Grand Marquis which was the Mercury equivalent of the Crown Victoria.  On the Ford side the body style was renamed LTD which replaced the Fairmont. 

Very confusing days for Ford and Mercury.

The engine is the 200 six with a C5 automatic, cruise, tilt, power door locks, p/s,power front disc brakes, a/c that’s not currently working and am/fm stereo with premium speakers I got from a 1984 LTD along with the seats.  I couldn’t take the vinyl seats anymore in the heat we have here. If you like wagons take a look at  Great site with lots of pictures in the gallery and lots of nice folks.  All station wagon nuts.  My rear end is the 2.73:1 ratio. (Pretty sure Steve means the car’s). Not real peppy off the line but it loves the highway.

<<<I hear ya on the hot weather and vinyl seats.  My Mustang has them and here in Arizona…yea….I get it!!!>>>>>>

Here is a pic of Steve Car at the Fabulous Fords Forever show last year. Thanks Steve…Nice the wagons!!!!

1982 Mercury Cougar Station Wagon

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