Projects Reference Books – Book Review

I thought I’d take a minute and drop a couple book titles at ya!!!

These books are extremely helpful with average project that you can tackle on your cars.  I have complete several of them on my 70 Mustang and my 84 Vette. 

The books are from MotorBooks.  They are a series called  MotorBooks Workshop and they are extremely well written

I currently have the following titles (had I’ve used them!!!!)

101 Projects for Your Corvette  1984 – 1996  (Excellent)

101 Projects for Your Mustang  1964 1/2 – 1973 (Excellent) (Although it says Mustang, many of these projects you’ll be able to do on similar no you won’t find one for Mercury Cougar Station wagon (love the car Mr. Sears) but the under-pinnings are very similar.)

How to rebuild and Modify Your Manual Transmission (I haven’t used this one yet…I waiting to buy a test transmission to work on first…but finding one is tough for my 70 Mustang and then there’s $$$$ plus $$$ shipping.)  (Excellent)

I just pick up Weekend Projects for your Modern Corvette C4-C5-C6  (not very good – mostly C5 and C6 )

Each one has projects and it includes skill level you need may need (naaah….who needs skill when you have pictures!!!), tools you might need, time it will take and other handy tips.

You can find them at…yup…you guessed it 

Thanks for reading.


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