Project SportsRoof – 73 Mustang – Getting in Gear with the Transmission

It’s past time to get it in gear and get the transmission back in shape to get the power from the newly bored out .040 351 Cleveland to the rear wheels.

With the help of my nephew Josh (thanks Josh!!) the transmission was effortlessly (ha) in to place…almost.




Here a more current status video.



All Bolted in.


Now that it’s all bolted in place, I need to work on the getting the kick down road back in place. That’s coming up next on #ProjectSportsRoof.

Thanks for reading.



#ProjectSportsRoof – 1973 Mustang

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2 Responses to Project SportsRoof – 73 Mustang – Getting in Gear with the Transmission

  1. Bill says:

    Was the transmission resealed, or overhauled while it was out? Who did the work?
    Excited to see this thing start up!

    • Tim Sweet says:

      The transmission was rebuilt before it was placed in the car which was just a few months before I purchased the running project. The car originally sported a C4 transmission.

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