Project SportsRoof – 73 Mustang Distributor Install

Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof.  I’m moving ever closer to getting her back on the road.  Popped the distributor in recently.  Take a quick look.


Of course the 351C will need to be timed but I think I have this close enough so it will at least start when I’m ready to fire it up.

I have a bit more transmission work to do, I’ll show you the status in the next post.

Thanks for reading.



1973 Mustang – Engine Bay Work

If you look back at #ProjectSportsRoof post you’ll see the condition engine bay.  During those videos I mentioned that I was going to clean it up and hit it with a rattle can.  Again this isn’t going to be a concours restoration, it’s going to look nice and it’s going …

1973 Mustang – Project SportsRoof – Engine Bay Components.

I thought I’d take a minute and catch the readers up on #ProjectSportsRoof. I wanted to touch up some of the engine bay components, horns, vacuum canister and battery tray.  I didn’t want to alter some of these too much, I like having the numbers, logos and other info visible, not …
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5 Responses to Project SportsRoof – 73 Mustang Distributor Install

  1. Bill says:

    My dad, who was the neighborhood shade tree mechanic, always used a paint brush and a can of STP to coat the distributor train before installing. In fact, he used this on everything when assembling a motor.

    What is your plan for PRE OILING that new motor? Doesn’t Fords pre oil through a adapter on the distributor?

    Are you using a break in oil, or just off the shelf? Have you considered ZDDP additives?

    Must be exciting to be near motor job one status! Your car may be on the road before I get Beep Beep’s disc conversion completed!

    • Tim Sweet says:

      Distributor and the cam were all coated with engine assembly lube. Most guys will use a drill to spin the oil pump shaft. I’ll p;ull the distributor when I’m ready for that.

  2. Tim Sweet says:

    From FB – John Hodges Look’s Like a Great Project.

  3. Tim Sweet says:

    From FB – Pellegrino Mike Very good dukumentation thanks a lot…

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