Project BeepBeep – A look at the Brakes

Bill takes a look at the heavy-duty brakes that came on the ’68 Road Runner.

Bill doesn’t like the stopping power that these give him and even though they are in good shape, he may still upgrade them.



Here are a couple close-ups of those heavy-duty brakes:


That’s some great information on brake conversion – for any muscle car.  Thanks Bill – Good Stuff!!!


Coming up – #ProjectBeepBeep’s first car show!!!

Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to Project BeepBeep – A look at the Brakes

  1. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit: /u/EC_CO

    another new option to consider retains the stock look and get close to disk performance

  2. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit: /u/g00f

    I just did the front disc swap on my mustang and have been very happy with the end result. The comment regarding adequate brake pressure is interesting, I just looked for a dual bowl that should provide adequate volume and a reasonable bore.

  3. Tim Sweet says:

    From Twitter: Mad Tiki Customs‏ @Madtikicustoms

    @AGCarRestore Depends on power & use of car. Disc/drum works fine with 300-400 HP. Again, depending on cars intended use.

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