Project BeepBeep – 68 RoadRunner Disc Brake Conversion – FINAL CHAPTER!

Welcome back to the #ProjectBeepBeep.  We are still following Bill’s progress on the front disc brake conversion for his 68 Plymouth Road Runner.

Did I say this is the final chapter?   Well….



Sometimes during a project you just can’t afford the time to do a video, especially when you have a friend coming by to help out.  Lets have Bill tell you how it all ended:

“I had to call in an expert; fellow I work with is a Mechanical Engineer and used to work as a Porsche/BMW mechanic before and during college. Together we got the wheels on the ground in about two hours. He recommended a last-ditch effort with the brake lines; we tightened all lines until the tube nuts were deformed. Also found an off center flare on one of the brake lines and he had a machine that fabricated the new line. Difficult to bleed; we bled the system 11 times (I counted) and went through lots of brake fluid (almost two quarts).

Took BeepBeep to the MOPAR show at Larry Miller Dodge almost immediately after getting the wheels on the ground!  Car stops on a dime and gives you nine cents change. Don’t miss power assist at all. This car will STOP!

Check it out:


I need an alignment next, but otherwise I really have no other problems to report. Everything working; oil PSI is 35 at idle, 55 at running down the road, and temp was a tick under 195F all day long.

Time to enjoy this ride!”


Bill,  thanks for the all the video and the tips you given the reader! 

Looking forward to your next ‘little’ project on BeepBeep.




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5 Responses to Project BeepBeep – 68 RoadRunner Disc Brake Conversion – FINAL CHAPTER!

  1. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit from ClearedHotSendIt via /r/mopar sent 18 days ago

    “Disc brakes are for cowards” “No airbag, we die like men”

    Some of my favorite bumper stickers!

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  2. Bill says:

    Upcoming stuff: ignition system look over, and exhaust leaks addressed!

  3. Tim Sweet says:

    From YouTube: jose Penate
    good work.

  4. Bill says:

    Can you believe it’s finally finished?

Let me hear from you!!! Drop a note!!