Pop-Up Car Show – T-Birds and Ranchero Fairlane 500

As with most car guys, I have an active eye for cool cars.  I could be walking down the street or driving anywhere and spot a cool car that needs it’s picture taken.

Last Sunday was one of those days.  Driving past a gas station that I drive by every day my “cool car spidey senses” kicked in and I had to stop.

The cars were there supporting the opening of a local hair and nail salon.  Now I’m not one for gets his nails done…but if they can keep cool car set up out side…I’m might might stop in for a perm!!   (If I start growing hair again!!!)  

Take a look at the cars that showed up.

Love this line up!!! Reverse opening door on this coupe!!!

Love this rod!!!!

No bright work on this 40’s era car. Great lines for this coupe!

Check out the painted steel wheels…Love that look!

This T-Bird is in original condition.

Love that 390 Engine!

All original ’57 T-bird – 312 engine in awesome condition and it’s driven.

This was my favorite. (No not the SUV) It’s the ’69 Ford Ranchero Fairlane 500 (yes that’s a real thing!)

Love the stripes!!

Interior is as it was when it rolled out of the factory – radio delete, no A/C.

I have to say I loved the 69 Ranchero Fairlane 500.  It had the 351C engine.  I spoke with the owner who has several classic cars and really loves them, in particular, this Ranchero.   I understand why!!!

Thanks for reading.


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